Keep Learning & Send Press Releases For Marketing Your Practice

    Irene Diamond Writing Press Release

    Will you keep learning and send press releases for marketing your practice?

    Are you a perpetual learner as I am?

    I have a quote I often say,    "Information and Education without Application Is Opportunity Wasted."

    I hope you keep learning and this video is to share the importance of also using your continuing education to get media exposure for your practice.

    You must send press releases as part of your marketing for your therapy or wellness spa or practice!

    Even after 30+ years in practice, I continue to take classes and workshops and attend conferences to learn more.

    It's also important for us to stay current on the science behind what it is we do with our clients and patients every day in our clinics and private practices.

    I suggest you do the same by continuing to learn so you can stay current and serve your clients even more.

    And, when you do attend educational training, I suggest you let the media know by sending out Press releases. (P.R.)

    The Media Needs You!


    Your local newspapers, radio and TV need content to print, and they're constantly looking for items that are newsworthy that their readers will enjoy.

    Use your experience of attending the event to bring their audience value.

    Write about how the new concepts, skills, or approaches will help you in your clinical practice.

    List the course title, the event name, the city, and dates it was held, and if pertinent, the name of the person or organization who hosted the event.

    But most importantly, list the biggest takeaway that you learned or that was taught that their reader could use in their own life.

    For example, the therapists and clinic owners who attend my training have impressive new pain relief and functional movement skills they just acquired by attending one of my courses either in person or even through our online home study course.

    I always encourage them to send a short press release to their local T.V., print, and radio media, sharing how now the residents in their city have direct access to someone trained by the founder of this highly unusual, effective, efficient approach that can relieve migraine, back and neck pain often within 10-15-minutes, without pills, potions, or invasive therapies.

    There's a ton of information online on how to write an effective press release.
    Contact us if you can't find anything that will work for your practice.

    (The Diamond Method students are actually provided with a P.R. template they can use for their marketing promotions.)

    Together, we're even more brilliant!
    ~ Irene Diamond

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