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    “Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals”

    • Are you a talented therapist but wonder how to associate with doctors and other health care providers?

    • Are you looking to establish yourself as the premier choice when other practitioners need or want a referral for their clients and patients?

    • Do you struggle to get enough clients?

    • Do you want to know the “Secret” to getting clients to Book & Re-book with you for medically-necessary care?
    The ‘secret’ to a constant stream of clients is to have doctors and other health care providers refer their patients to you.

    My 5-module Home-Study Virtual program will teach you how!

    Create your own “We Give Back” program to generate leads while giving back to your community?

    Irene Diamond's WeGiveBack-ProgramRESERVE YOUR LOCAL AREA’S LICENSE: First Come, First Reserved.

    Your WeGiveBack Program Will:

    • Generate revenue

    • Create goodwill in your community

    • Provide a simple system that will generate as
      many clients as you want each & every month!

    Join the selected few other wellness service providers, clinics, and spas by securing your geographical license and offering a WeGiveBack program.

    I call this the: “Give To Get Gold, Community Outreach & Client Acquisition System”.

    This marketing system is licensed to only ONE practice in each geographical area… As long as you are a current licensee, you will own the rights to provide this ‘plug-n-play’ program for you to Create Clients Any Time You Want or Need.)

    Click here for Full Details

    3 Quick-Start Strategies for an Extremely Successful Manual + Movement Therapy Practice

    (3 CD Disc Audio Program for beginners)

    On this NEWLY RE-RECORDED 3-CD Success Program, Irene explains the most critical steps you need to take to start and grow a Successful Massage Practice.

    Disc #1 – Get the Right Mindset of Success:

    Re-focusing and getting the right mindset is what makes the difference between therapists who succeed and those who flounder and fail. If you don’t believe you can succeed, you’re facing an uphill battle and will never see big success. Once you’ve switched how you perceive you can succeed, your clients will perceive YOU as more successful and see you as the expert who can help them resolve their pain or issues. This can happen even while you are still learning!

    Disc #2 – 7 Critical Steps to Getting More Dream Clients:

    Simple steps, strategies, and tactics for getting more clients and keeping them coming back. You don’t need to be the ‘cheapest’ therapist in town to get more clients. Learn from Irene how to get your practice booming, so clients come to you and beg you for appointments!

    Disc #3 – Market and Promote Your Practice:

    You can use marketing ideas immediately to help promote your practice to the people who need and want your therapy services.

    This 3 CD set is a physical package and will be shipped right to your door within 7 days!
    (It is not a download) The strategy you learn are no or low-cost to incorporate into your practice
    (most are free)


    “Thanks Irene! I acted on one piece of advice you gave me. You suggested that I be direct with my clients as to when I wanted to see them again. I have done this without being pushy and it has worked 75% of the time! This will result in hundred of more dollars in my pocket each week.” 
    Randy Beck, CMT, ProActive Massage Therapy, Anoka, MN


    “If you follow Irene Diamond’s advice on these CDs, your massage practice will begin to take off dramatically! Even though I have been successful and earn a nice income from my practice, I still learned a ton of new tactics from her program that I can to apply to my business right away!”

    Jane Sisti, therapist since 1985, San Francisco, CA

    Order your 3-CD Quick Start set Today
    ~ $497.00

    “How To Get Your Appointment Book Filled (with Dream Clients)”

    ApptBookFilled-product image(CD shipped to your door)

    Insight, tips, and strategies you can apply TODAY to fill your appointment book with Dream Clients!

    • Are you struggling for more business?
    • Do you wish you had more dream clients returning for more appointments with you?
    • Do you get frustrated when clients leave and don’t re-book?
    • Would you like the financial security of a full appointment book?

    On this MasterClass interview of Irene Diamond, host Siobhan Guthrie from Ireland asks Irene Diamond some very advanced-level questions.

    You will discover Irene’s tried-and-true secrets of how you can keep your appointment book filled (with dream clients) to grow your practice.

    Now you can create a more thriving therapy business without feeling uncomfortable or intrusive — even if you really dislike selling or marketing!

    On This CD, You’ll learn:

    • The 3 kinds of systems you must have to be successful
    • What to include for consistency to be your key to all aspects of your practice
    • The exact words you need to ask on the phone to get that appointment
    • What you should say and NOT say during the session to secure repeat business
    • How to gracefully re-book your clients once you’re sure they want to come back and see you.
    • What you should share when speaking with your client to get them to beg you to book future appointments
    • The mind-shift you need to feel comfortable asking for appointments and how to follow up
    • 4 scheduling mistakes that are easy to avoid and cost you lots of lost revenue
    • Why you should create specific programs that your dream clients are crazy for
    • 3 simple promotions to use that are fun and create a buzz for your practice/clinic
    • Where you should put your time and energy to find your ideal clients
    • How to rise above the economy, slow periods, or holidays so that you’re not affected by outside forces that may slow down your practice
    • And lots more …..

     Order your CD today


    “8 Steps To Become The “GO-TO” Pain-Relief Therapist in Your City!”

    • 8StepsGotoRehabshadow-aYou NEED to know how to let clients and other health care providers know what you do.
    • You NEED to know how to set yourself apart from the rest of the therapists in your town.
    • You NEED to know how to be recognized as the GO-TO therapist when someone needs your expertise!

    On the CD, you’ll listen to me, Rehab Therapist and the Creator of Active Myofascial Therapy, guide you to become the Go-To Rehab Therapist in YOUR City!

    On the CD Training Discover:

    • How to introduce and incorporate more Rehab & Pain Relief Therapy into your Therapy Practice
    • What to do to Market yourself as a Rehab & Pain Relief Specialist
    • The 8 things to do to Set up your therapy room so clients know they are receiving Rehab Therapy (and not massage)
    • What to NEVER say when talking to doctors and other Health Care Providers
    • How To Get Docs and other Health Care Providers to refer their Patients to you
    • 12 Step Protocol of Rehab & Pain Relief Therapy
    • 8 Critical Actions to Incorporate so the client knows you provide Rehab & Pain Relief Therapy
    • How (& Why) To Charge More for Your Rehab & Pain Relief services than you do for your massage!

    Order your CD today


    “Design Your Unique Signature Program”

    Irene Diamond programs for therapists

    • You NEED to know how to get clients and patients solid, clinical results!
    • You NEED to know how to set yourself apart from the rest of the therapists in your town!
    • You NEED to know how to be recognized as the GO-TO therapist when someone needs your expertise!
    • You NEED to know how to STOP only selling single sessions!



    • How to introduce and incorporate your Signature Program into your Therapy Practice
    • What to do to Market yourself as a Specialist in your niche
    • How To Get Docs and other Health Care Providers to refer their Patients to you
    • How (& Why) To Set Your Fees & Charge for Your program.

    I open this program once a year  ~ I would be happy to see if and how I might be able to have you attend the next program or go through the HomeStudy Program.

    CLICK HERE TO Request a conversation to see if this program is now open for you to participate in so you can begin serving your clients and patients with your SIGNATURE PROGRAM!


    Precise Private Practice with Irene Diamond“Design Your Precise Private Practice®”

    • Learn exactly why and how your business will flourish when you transition from what Irene Diamond calls an ‘Open To The Public Practice™’ and switch over to a Precise Private Practice® business model.

    • More ease & grace, less stress, working ONLY with the Precise Dream Clients you love to work with who you can get the best results.

    I open this program to invite in just a few BRILLIANT business owners a few times a year  ~ Membership Tuition ranges from $3,000 -$25,000 a month based on your needs and goals.

    Let’s talk and see if and how I might be able to support you.




    “4 Phases of Care- Road Map to Wellness”

    (Package of 25 sheets)

    Roadmap To Wellness Product Image

    Now you can stop trying to CONVINCE clients to come back and instead, let this
    “4 Phases of Care: Road Map to Wellness” do the explaining for you.

    When you first see a client, they will present to you somewhere along this 4-phase continuum.

    1. Ask them your initial questions (These key questions are included with purchase) so you know which of the 4 Phases of Care they are in.
    2. Once you’ve identified what phase they are at, circle the phase name.
    3. Ask them to confirm which of the Feelings they have and circle them.
    4. Together, check off which of the Goals of Therapy you will help them with.
    5. Write the suggested frequency in the yellow box for your Therapy Plan recommendation.

    Clients will easily see the need to progress up the 4 phases, which means they will easily book their additional sessions with you to reach their desired state of wellness.


    Each time your client’s needs change (based on their condition and the progress you are making), you will take a new sheet and modify their therapy plan.

    Finally, with this tool, you will easily be able to speak with clients about their level of wellness, and having this color visual document at your fingertips does the ‘selling’ for you!

    We Make It Easy!

    • Printed instructions and 2 short video trainings are included in your product.
    • You will learn exactly how to use the document in your practice.
    • I will share with you the Critical Key Questions to ask each client as you begin to define their therapy plan.

    (This is a physical package and will be shipped right to your door. Price includes handling fee to anywhere in the US. Orders outside the USA require additional postage to be collected after purchase.)

    Regular Price $85
    Reader’s Only Price $30

    NOTE: This is a physical package of 25 sheets to be used only for your clinical use.
    Customers shipping to countries outside the USA will be contacted to pay a nominal shipping fee.

    “Business Diagnosis” Call with Irene Diamond


    Does your practice need some hand-holding to get you un-stuck?

    Or do you simply want some answers or insight on how to simply get you rocking on the right path to success?

    Over the past years, I’ve been the “hidden secret” behind hundreds of successful ‘Thera-preneurs’ who are having fun helping clients they love, and earning big money — all because together, we’ve designed their dream practice.


    And I would love to see you do the same!

    You may apply for your “Business Diagnosis” Session with me to find out what you can do to grow your business, get more clients, and have more success. I only reserve 5 – 10 sessions each month and one of the spots can be yours if you qualify.

    If you would like me to help you clarify your vision and your goals for your practice so you know how to thrive in practice, click here to apply for a no-cost “Business Diagnosis” session with me, and if you qualify, my team will schedule your Free session with me to guide you to know how to reach the next level in your business.