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Are you an Independent Contractor, 
Renter, or Employee? 
(Recorded for therapeutic business owners & therapists, but applies to all service-based businesses.)



Irene Diamond International Busienss Success Mentor

Irene Diamond 

Business Mentor, Clinic Owner, Advisor on workers' structure & classification for business owners and workers.

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What you'll discover on this live webinar:

Do NOT get fined or pay penalties!

  • 1
    THERAPISTS: Do you work for yourself? Should you have benefits like work comp & sick leave as an employee?
  • 2
    EMPLOYERS: Are you at risk for treating your Independent Contractors as employees and might you be penalized in an audit and forced to pay high fees? 
  • 3
    THERAPISTS: Are you told when to work, how much to charge for your sessions, what to wear and what to do in session with your clients?
  • 4
    EMPLOYERS: Do you KNOW the "ABC Test' to determine if your workers are Independent Contractors? Who collects the payments from clients? Who schedules their work hours?
  • 5
    RENTERS: Do you have a key? Do you pay a portion of service fees? Do you get paid by clients or the business you're renting from?



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