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Are You Extraordinary?

Discover the luxurious feeling of business and financial freedom that comes from becoming the Advisor to your clients so they can achieve their best clinical outcome,
while you enjoy your affluent, dream clients.

Request to reserve a 30-minute appointment for the two of you to see if or how Irene can support you to reach your business goals and  Design Your Dream Practice.

•PRIOR to your call, we encourage you to poke around this website, read the blog posts, watch the videos and see the testimonials from the hundreds of thrilled consulting clinic owner clients from around the globe.

If you have a Business Partner (or life-partner) who should be on the call with you, have them join you and Irene.

See IF & HOW Irene can help you with your practice.

This is NOT a coaching call

This interview session will be to clarify the goals you want to achieve within the next 30-90 days in your practice.

ONLY IF Irene believes 100% she can help you, and is confident you will be a great fit to work together -- she will accept you as a client.

(Irene turns away about 75% of the applicants. 
She is ONLY looking for practice owners who are the 
absolute best in the world at what they do! (and are fun to be around!)

Be Completely Honest....

what will you do now, if nothing changes?


What About You?

  1. What are the 3 biggest things you want to change/improve in the next 30-90 days?
  2. What's been stopping you from reaching it?
  3. What is your current monthly gross revenue and future income goals?
  4. Anything else to know about your ability to succeed in designing your dream practice?
  • Please know what your investment budget is to reach your goals so you are ready to say a clear YES or NO on the call if accepted to work with Irene and you both 100% feel it's the right next step for you.
  • Coaching fees range from $500 - $5k a month for on-going high-performance consulting and coaching and average $3,000 - $100,000 for a single program.
    (Most coaching clients see a positive ROI (Return On Investment) within 30-90 days as long as they have at least 10-15 clients who love them, and they're skilled, professionals who are the best in delivering their clients results.
  • PLEASE do your due diligence PRIOR to coming to the call.
    (See Irene's style, no-nonsense approach, and radically different business ideas to be sure she is a great match for you and your personality.)
  • If Irene feels 100% she can help you reach your goals, she'll extend an invitation and the two of you can discuss the details.
  • (There will be absolutely NO pressure to work together.
    However, if the invitation is declined, your ability to participate may be delayed or rescinded.)

Be Completely Honest....

what is the BIGGEST vision you have for your business?

Let's Make It Happen!