Robert G. Allen shares his #1 Biz Tip


    Why does NY best-selling author, Robert G. Allen
    suggest you raise your fees?

    Robert G. Allen is one of today’s top success Gurus.
    Here, he gives you his #1 Business Tip to Raise Your Fees!

    Watch this 3 minute video to hear his #1 Tip for Success in your Wellness Practice.


    What’s The Success Tip?

    Raise your fees! 

    But…To what??

    You might be surprised by how much Robert suggests you can charge for your massage session.

    Do you think it’s possible to raise your fees to $300, $400, $500?

    How can you wrap YOUR mind around the concept of YOUR session and the worth of the value you provide?

    Is a $1000 JUST for a session?…, or are they paying you to fly to provide the massage in their home?

    Are you creating a wonderful experience to command $3000?

    Will you design a mouth-watering, personalized service they caters to their every wish?

    OR, are you just so darn good — they easily see the value in what you offer and are willing to pay you for it, because only you can do what they need and want?

    I asked Robert to film this for Massage Therapists and other wellness providers who have a hard time wrapping their minds around charging a great price for their sessions.

    I want you to view his short video below, and think what is possible. Like I say, he’s a corn-ball, but his message is truth.

    (P.S. Irene adds: “Why do you think I am able to charge 4 times what most practitioners charge in a super-saturated city of San Francisco, California?!)



    Robert G.Allen

    Robert G.Allen

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    One thing I want to share with you  — when you are able to charge more for your services, you will not be struggling to make ends meet.

    It is a very wonderful place to be, (to have enough for yourself and your family) AND then begin to give back to your community as I do by donating services or giving discounts or scholarships as you wish to the people you want!

    When you have enough, you can be more generous to those who might not be able to afford your services.

    Once you’ve implemented what this expert suggests, Please go over to our FaceBook Business Page and leave a comment as to what you think and what you will do now that you’ve heard from Robert and me on thinking bigger.

    Give it a few days to start working and you WILL SEE RESULTS!



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