Irene Diamond

Health, Fitness & Wellness Clinics:
Design Your Dream Practice!
Stress-Free & Profitably 

Irene Diamond, RT
Therapist, Consultant, Speaker, Author

Health, Fitness & Wellness Clinics:

Design Your Dream Practice!
Stress-Free & Profitably 

Irene Diamond, RT
Therapist, Consultant, Speaker, Author

Attract Affluent & Appreciative Clients through leading-edge business & clinical methods without adding more hours to your day!


Matthew Trujillo

Owner & Lead Corrective Therapist: Trio Therapy,
San Jose, CA

My practice now averages 23 NEW DREAM CLIENTS a month. By applying Irene’s methods I’ve been able to generate more than
$35,000 EXTRA to my annual income!

Personal Biz Support

$10k,  $50k,  $100k Months?
 Want Higher Levels of Revenue without More Hours or Stress?

Clinic owners hire me to take their practice from 
ho-hum to humming!
Profit, Time-Freedom & Happiness -- let's create your dream
Precise Private Practice™️.

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Need an Inspiring Presenter for Your Next Event, Podcast, or Meeting?

Recognized internationally as a straight-forward, filled-with-integrity, inovative biz expert -- I LOVE speaking to brilliant therapreneurs & wellness practices.

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Live & Virtual Events

In-Person & Virtual Business + Clinical Trainings & Seminars

Designed specifically to support practitioners & clinics to generate High Revenue & Profit, while working Less hours. The goal is High Revenue, High Clinical Results & High Stress-Free Time Off.

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Am I The Right Mentor For You?

  • You're already a Brilliant provider but need a mentor to help you figure out the pieces to make it all work even better.
  • You provide great clinical results but want to impact even more Dream Clients.
  • You already generate $8 k - $10 k a month in your solo practice, or run a clinic with a minimum of $500K a year, but know you're capable of much more.
  • You are burnt out working too many hours but need leverage to work fewer hours.
  • You want accountability to help you Design & Have your Dream Practice.
  • You're looking for solid solutions, clear answers, and easy-to-follow steps to apply TODAY
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Want a Mentor with Insight, Heart, Grit & Truth?

Brilliant Diamonds Share Their Experience

Kate SullivanSacramento, California

Since hiring you as my business mentor & coach:

  • I RAISED my prices!
  • Scheduled out all my regular clients for my ENTIRE year
  • Negotiated a new, larger office space at below market rate to serve me and my clients at a greater level
  • Outsource tasks I don't want to do (computers, legal, website)
  • Now, I'm working on my languaging of "who I am" and "what I offer" to attract the best DREAM clients
  • Working out how/who I can see and under what terms. I have MORE CLIENTS than I have time for.  NOW I need to sort how I weed through incoming requests!

Ruth Backlund Deluth, Minnesota

I am extremely grateful for the leadership, coaching and business advice by being in the Dream Practice Mastery Academy over the past year.

  • Prior to DPMA, I worked 7-days/week, was undercharging for my services, and let my clients run me and my business.
  • Within the 1st 6-months my income INCREASED 50%
  • I have implemented my "Break Free From Your Pain" Program designed to get the best results for my clients
  • Recurring revenue is coming in each month
  • I established referral network with 2 healthcare providers
  • I only work 25-30 hours each week TOTAL
  • I don't work weekends!
  • After 1-year my business income has eclipsed my FULL year income for the past 7 years and I am still working part-time!

Mitchell Diaz Miami, Florida

  • I identified my “dream clients” & learned how to communicate my value
  • I increased sales by precisely communicating the value I offer, rather than just discounting my price
  • I took control of my schedule and now only work when I want and have lots of free time to play.
  • I now am an action taker and less of a procrastinator. I am accountable for my results
  • You opened my mind to the world of business and marketing. (You have a proven track record and really care about MY success).
  • I DOUBLED my income from a previous $25k annually to easily over $60k (with much more room for growth!)

Find Out Where Your Biz Is Stuck & How To Easily Fix it!