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    CORPORATIONS around the globe are delivering EXTRAORDINARY support to their Employees and C-Suite by providing Health & Wellness Training & Services through Irene's "Team-Care"...
    "The wealth of your company is based on the health of your company!"

    HEALTH & WELLNESS PROVIDERS, CLINICS, SPAS and HOSPITALITY ORGANIZATIONS are delivering EXTRAORDINARY Clinical Results & brilliant Customer Experiences.

    It IS possible to

     generate maximum revenue, thrill clients and team,

    free up MORE TIME to find true wellness & relax, workout or simply be home for dinner with your family.

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    More Profound Impact + Higher Levels of Revenue without More Hours or Stress?

    Corporations and Clinic owners hire me to take their business from 
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    Higher Profit, Reduced Pain, Time-Freedom & Happiness -- let's create your dream business that fulfils your company vision!

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    Need an Inspiring Presenter for Your Team, Event, Podcast, or Meeting?

    Recognized internationally as a straight-forward, filled-with-integrity, innovative pioneer in the Health & Wellness arena -- I LOVE inspiring brilliance.

    My ideas are counter-intuitive and controversial, and not for the faint of heart, however, for those who see the potential -- the sky's the limit!

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     Trainings & Seminars for Business Brilliance + Clinical Excellence

    Designed specifically to support for Health & Wellness organizations and private solo practitioners & clinics. For companies that want to not only generate High Revenue & Profit, but most importantly, create a ripple-effect that benefits humans and the sustainability of our earth. 

    Sprints, digital or virtual classes, courses, and year-long mentorships, free and paid -- there's something for everyone.

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    Am I The Right Expert For You?

    • You're already a Brilliant provider or business owner but want a mentor to help you put the pieces together to make it all work, even better.
    • You provide consistent, predictable clinical results but want to impact even more Dream Clients + Patients.
    • You already generate $8 k - $30 k a month in your solo practice, or run a multi-provider clinic with a minimum of $500K a year, but you know you're capable of much more.
    • You're burnt out working too many hours and need to leverage your business model to free-up more CEO and play time.
    • You want accountability and help to Design (& Have) Your Dream Practice.
    • You're looking for solid time-tested solutions, clear answers, and easy-to-follow steps, inspiration, insight, and direction, TODAY!
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    Want a Mentor with Insight, Heart, Grit & Truth?

    Am I The Right Expert Trainer For You?

    • You're HR, Head of Corporate Training, or a Small Organization ready to boost your employee's well-being through reducing their physical pain and emotional stress, & boosting FUN!
    • You know the importance of taking care of your team, and want only the best for them.
    • You're looking for an extremely competent, seasoned trainer to bring in-house or over video to support fast change in your company, that your people will love.
    • You want only the best person to help you put the pieces together to make your Employee Wellness Program work seemlessly, from start to finish.
    • You know companies all over the globe are seeing massive financial and human benefits, saving THOUSANDS of dollars every month in reducing absenteeism, workers' compensation costs, and providing valuable (often life-saving) support to motivating and keeping your entire team mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.
    •  You know your company is capable of so much more, and you know: 
      "The wealth of your company is based on the health of your company!"

    Activated Diamond Wellness Providers Share Their Experience

    Kate SullivanSacramento, California

    Since hiring you as my business mentor & coach:

    • I RAISED my prices!
    • Scheduled out all my regular clients for my ENTIRE year
    • Negotiated a new, larger office space at below market rate to serve me and my clients at a greater level
    • Outsource tasks I don't want to do (computers, legal, website)
    • Now, I'm working on my languaging of "who I am" and "what I offer" to attract the best DREAM clients
    • Working out how/who I can see and under what terms. I have MORE CLIENTS than I have time for.  NOW I need to sort how I weed through incoming requests!

    Ruth Backlund Deluth, Minnesota

    I am extremely grateful for the leadership, coaching and business advice by being in the Dream Practice Mastery Academy over the past year.

    • Prior to DPMA, I worked 7-days/week, was undercharging for my services, and let my clients run me and my business.
    • Within the 1st 6-months my income INCREASED 50%
    • I have implemented my "Break Free From Your Pain" Program designed to get the best results for my clients
    • Recurring revenue is coming in each month
    • I established referral network with 2 healthcare providers
    • I only work 25-30 hours each week TOTAL
    • I don't work weekends!
    • After 1-year my business income has eclipsed my FULL year income for the past 7 years and I am still working part-time!

    Mitchell Diaz Miami, Florida

    • I identified my “dream clients” & learned how to communicate my value
    • I increased sales by precisely communicating the value I offer, rather than just discounting my price
    • I took control of my schedule and now only work when I want and have lots of free time to play.
    • I now am an action taker and less of a procrastinator. I am accountable for my results
    • You opened my mind to the world of business and marketing. (You have a proven track record and really care about MY success).
    • I DOUBLED my income from a previous $25k annually to easily over $60k (with much more room for growth!)