Ethical ​Client Appointment Re-Booking Strategy: Are they “​In Not Out”?


​Ethical ​Client Appointment Re-Booking Strategy: Are they "​In Not Out"?

Here's a terrific pro-active re-booking strategy that has literally doubled and tripled some of my client's practices and revenue!

​​Are you like many service providers ​and your ​clients often tell you:
"​I need to speak with ​my partner about coming back..."

or do they tell you:

"I need to check my work calendar..."

​My "In Not Out" Strategy is the best thing you can do to avoid chasing clients and lost appointments.

​​Whenever possible, don't let ​a client walk out the door without an appointment scheduled.

Do This Instead:
Start by sharing with your client the date, time and service that you suggest for them to return for their next appointment with you.

Don't let them tell you they will call back to schedule or worse, ​ask you ​to call them later to re-book. You're busy enough to not add that into tomorrow's plans!

​​Do your best to not let them leave without some​ appointment held in your calendar!

How Do You Schedule Them When They Don't Know If They Can Make It?
Instead of letting your clients walk away un-scheduled to get back to you when a time will work for them, use the ​"In Not Out" Strategy to simply ​hold ​an appointment in your calendar, but, the important thing is to do it as a tentative appointment.

This "In Not Out" Strategy does 3 things for you:
#1- ​Assuming they genuinely do want to return to you, this strategy holds their preferred appointment time in your busy schedule, so they ​get ​the date and time they ​want rather than trying to squeeze into your calendar at a later date when there might not be as much availability.

#2- If they are hesitant to put an appointment in your calendar it could indicate they actually do not want to return to you ​but are too shy to tell you straight out. (Find out why they don't want to return!)

#3- ​Once they check their calendar ​or speak with their partner ​and if they are not able to accommodate the tentative appointment you held for them in your calendar, the onus is on them to contact you to reschedule some other time or date rather than you following up (chasing) them to book something else.

If you let the client leave (as most providers do) and have NOT put a tentative appointment in your calendar, then YOU END UP CHASING ​CLIENTS TO RE-BOOK!

Give ​this "In Not Out" Strategy a try.

PLEASE Share in the comments below how you think this strategy will assist you in your own practice!

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