Stop selling single sessions: Offer Programs & Packages


Stop selling single sessions: Offer Programs (NOT Packages!)

Many of you have designed your practice around selling ONLY single sessions….

Am I right?


Single sessions are needed in almost every practice, as stand-alone offerings, but I advise my coaching clients to create 6 individual service offering. (We call them the 6 Pillars of Service Offerings”!)

I will share with you a second Pillar, which is a Program.

This success strategy you’ll read about here, now, is one that will make a huge improvement in your business, because it fills up your appointment book very quickly AND your clients will really start to feel the benefits of your work with more consistent sessions. Another benefit is you can actually charge more for your programs, so it benefits your bank account, too!

This strategy actually begins when you have your very first booking conversation with a client.

When you are speaking with your new client for the first time, you’ll want to first be sure you understand what their goal is for coming to see you.

(example: Are they coming for pain in their neck relief, to reduce their high stress, or to improve their flexibility for a 5k running event coming up.)

Brilliant Diamond Tip:
On the phone PRIOR to their very first session get information from them on what they are looking for.

Find out if this client is interested in just addressing this specific pressing issue (usually a symptom they are experiencing), or are they looking to ‘really take care of it’ through a series of sessions that will address not only the symptoms, but also the cause of the symptom.

Hopefully in the initial conversation, you will discover that they are interested in an on-going wellness program too.

(Until you have asked these questions… there is no way for you to know what they are thinking, so you are not sure how to support them to achieve anything.)

Imagine how disappointed both of you would be if they only came in for a single session, and their problem never really went away. In fact, that means they lost out on relief and you lost out on a bunch of sessions!

Big Bummer!

Brilliant Diamond Tip:

If they tell you the problem has been bothering them for a while and you feel qualified to help them, you will simply explain how one session with you is great, and they will feel results, but that it actually may take more than one or two sessions to help them get the highest level of change. Let them know that you have programs set up and you are happy to speak with them to see which program would be the best for them.


(I always say, “The Bigger the Problem, The Bigger the Solution!”)

If they want to know how many sessions they’ll need, it is completely appropriate to say you won’t know until they come in and you begin to work with them. (If you have an idea, you can give them an estimate of sessions needed.)

Explaining in advance that there may be a need for more than a single session, prior to them coming in to see you, positions you as a responsible provider rather than a pushy sales person.

It also begins the process of them recognizing that one session may not do it, and it is common to schedule a few sessions in a row or to enroll in a program, based on what you find in their first evaluative session.

Also, if they have considered receiving therapy on a regular basis, you will know in advance that they will be receptive to you asking them to reschedule.

Now, here is the secret magic sauce:

It works best to have your programs already established that you can offer your clients when appropriate.

The best way to create your program is to consider what are the core therapy-needs and how can you put it together in the best manner so your typical clients will get the most benefit from purchasing your program.

Here is my example so you can see what I mean:
In my practice and for the therapists who study Active Myofascial Therapy under my mentorship, we offer patients and clients an “Accelerated Pain Relief Program”.

This AMT Accelerated Program includes an initial evaluation, therapy plan design, binder of material, 4 therapy sessions, and on-going email or phone support, plus a bunch of other goodies from being in my AMT program.

(My rates are high but Active Myofascial Therapy works fast, so I find for most people with orthopedic issues, this program works great, people get stellar results and they are happy to pay for it. Rates range from $1600 to $3000, based on the level of support they want and need.)


What You Can Do Now:

  1. Create your initial program which can include similar offerings to mine, or it can be a longer or shorter program, or any combination of length, offerings, or services.
  2. Once you know what to include in your program, you need to price it. You want to give people an incentive to say yes to your package:
  3. Once you have met with your client for the first visit, you just confirm they would be a good candidate for your program and away you go.

With re-booking clients into programs, you will begin to see they get better results, you get a happy client with more consistent appointments & income, and many more referrals!

Once again, I suggest — don’t only sell single sessions, create your programs and everyone wins.


If you want me to help you create and price your programs, you can apply for a complimentary Business Diagnostic with me and we can go over the details of designing the most effective (lucrative) program that suits your practice perfectly!


I hope you now see how valuable getting your clients on a regular re-booking program is for both of you!


Let us know how you will create your first program or package, or if you are already doing something similar, share with us what is working by posting your comment below.

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Mariusz says:

    Thank you for this article. I had negative experiences with programs :-(. For many years I offer single sessions (akashic records reading and clearing). It’s a pain because my revenue is limited simply by time. So I offered a year ago a new program called “Prosperity” where I offered 3 akashic records 1:1 sessions, some email support and some mentoring. And ….nobody purchased it. Some clients sent me messages that purchasing single sessions was much cheaper and they were not going to pay for something what they could get in different way. Question is why it happened? Maybe I should stop offering single sessions? But than people wanting it can go to somebody else. I really have no clue why it didn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Mariusz.

      There are many reasons a program does not sell well.

      I’ve seen programs fail and usually it is because of one or more of these common reasons:

      • How it’s priced compared to other Pillars of Service Offerings. (Does not need to be cheaper)

      • How you invite and share the idea to clients

      • How the program is structured (what are the actual “deliveries” of the program.)

      • When you offer it — at what point during the client interaction with you…

      I suggest that each client comes into your practice, as they are on their Roadmap to Wellness.

      The timing of when you offer the program needs to make smart clinical sense to the client (and to your goal of integrating a therapy plan for them) or they will most often say no.

      It looks like there are Extremely important bits you’ve left out (or not explored) when designing your Prosperity program.

      It’s so common But easily fixed once you know how so don’t worry.

      That’s exactly why I’ve got a home study course on Designing Your Unique Signature Program that would help you tremendously.

      Take a look at bottom of page.


  • Vivian Gillis says:

    Hi Irene! Thank you for this info. How long are your 4 therapy sessions? One hour in length?

  • I offer a range of block bookings as well as discounts for certain groups I cater to. I have found that this works quite well. I do like your idea of the other potential extras and will look to find ones which work with my clients. Thank you.

  • Tina says:

    I developed a program of 4 treatments over 4 weeks, unless they want results quicker or they are in acute pain but have never packaged them. My clients pay per session, the $70/hour when they come in. I have a few who cannot do it but not enough to worry about. I then reduce them to once per month unless after reassessing they require more.
    Thanks for the tips, I verbally give stretches and recommendations of ice/heat but will consider doing sheets for them to look at.

  • Ginny says:

    Hi Irene,
    I offer a package of 5 sessions working out at 50 as opposed 60 per session. They can be taken at any time within the year and are interchangeable with family members if needs be. I think this is VERY flexible probably too flexible but in a heavily hit recession area and it has helped. I also offer a free half hour massage if a client introduces a new customer to me and they book. I really like the idea of goodies therabands, myofascial release balls maybe etc. I don’t have much cash flow to invest in these though.

    • Hi Ginny,
      Your “free half hour massage” for referrals is great- too many make it wayyy too complicated for a referring partner to get a reward. (I was too stingy when I started too)

      The way your package is structured is what a call a ‘series’. Series are not bad, but they’re not as good as a true package, which when structured properly can be sold for more, not less.

      If you stick with a series, I suggest having an expiration date so it is used within a time frame based on your client’s clinical needs (not their calendar), otherwise, what is the benefit to you for giving them a discount?

      Good luck, and glad you find these strategies helpful!

  • Jolly says:

    I have tried packages but when the client buy they want to schedule whenever they have time. I had two clients who bought 5 packages each and they spread it over 7 months. They don’t want to commit to once a month or every two weeks. so it did not make sense for me to give a discounted page for 5 that lasted 7 months.
    Any suggestions on how I can get them to buy packages and get them to committing to schedule ahead for their sessions.

    • Hi Jolly,
      The main thing I would advise you to do is set up the requirements for them.

      Your program can have ‘rules’ such as all sessions must be completed within 1 month from purchase.
      Don’t let them ‘call the shots’– you decide what would work best for your practice AND to get them the best clinical results!

      Take control of your business and they will easily follow the instructions.

      Have fun!

  • Packages have always been one of the greatest stratigies for my practice of over 10 yrs. I love the extra goodies mentioned and will be implamenting them, consistencly in thefuture, thats been my weak area….consistency. thanks again for the great info!

  • Jon Borges says:

    I’m good at what I do but not confident enough to know how I create a program out of what I know so far. Yikes. Currently, single session clients, sides for one.

  • Irene,
    I currently offer package pricing. I will add to my “program” Orthopedic Assessments and an “intro/information packet” which I currently send to clients intermittently via email.
    Thank you for the tip. Running with it!!

    • Andre,
      When you package pieces together you will not only get better results for your clients — you can charge more for it!
      Finally, you won’t be selling your time only.

      So proud of you!

  • Sharon says:

    I have just started to use packages in my mobile massage business, I do have some clients that use it but it would be great to get more clients interested in it.

    • Sharon,
      Simply ask a few more direct questions and you’ll start to see where there is a need for your solution (your program or package).

      When it’s a good fit – ask them if they want to hear more about your program that can really help them.

  • I currently off a book & pay for three appointments and save $15. I do have clients that do use it, but it would great to get more folks interested it! I am going to look at creating a packet that includes stretches and informational sheets pertaining to client’s specific needs. Thanks Irene!

    • Bonnie,
      In almost every case, people want a solution to their pain, issue, complaint, limitation…

      They really don’t want a single session (unless it is strictly to feel good for the moment – which ain’t too bad either!:)

      Creating packages allows you to help them achieve the change they want.

      good luck!

  • Damon Busby says:

    Very good useful info can’t wait to start my practice taking mblex sept 2

  • Enrique says:

    Thanks for this tip.
    Ive come across this method with other clinics. My clinic is not using anything like that now. As I look at expanding and starting a solo practiceI I will be making sure to incorporate this method into my bookings.
    Im thankful to have found your site.

    • Irene Diamond says:

      Glad you find these posts useful. Lots of juicy goodness still to come!

      Be Brilliant, Sparkle bright!

  • Angela Nawls says:

    I just figured that out after many agonizing years of inconsistent single session clients. Thanks for confirming that. I have designed some packages and almost ready to implement. After reading this I need to tweak a couple. I’m excited !!!

  • Barbara says:

    I live in a tourist town. Much tougher for rebooking, except for while they are staying at the resort, and catching them the next time they visit. I try to rebook while they are here and see when their next visit is. I keep track of that and ask if I can contact them before they visit. Some say yes and some say they would rather call me. Either way I start to develop a list. As I get busier the people whom I contact ahead of time get the appointments of their choice and the others sometimes get put on a waiting list and then they let me call them ahead of time for the next visit. It takes patience for sure, but it does work. Barb

  • I introduced a Massage Club at the end of last year. It didn’t go well then but I haven’t give up on it. I figured it will take time to educate my current clients on how this will benefit them. Financing the program is simple too. I have enlisted the support of Pay Pal’s ‘Bill me later’ program. This way the client pays me in full at the beginning, the. They have 6 months to pay back Pay Pal interest free. I also give varying discounts depending on which package they choose. It’s a win win situation for both of us.

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