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Diversify Your Practice

    Earn Income

    Diversify Your Practice  

    6 Ways to Earn Income Beyond Hands-On Work. Learn some not-so-run-of-the-mill suggestions to generate substantial income.

    This article is published in ABMP Massage & Bodywork Magazine July/August 2020 by Irene Diamond

    Perhaps you've been hearing the phrase 'diversify your practice'. And you are wondering what that is and how you can diversity your practice.  

    You're a hands-on therapist who is not yet able to return to in-person work. Or maybe your state is allowing you to work and you don't feel safe doing so.

    Or you are finally back to work. You realize that therapists who weathered the COVID-19 crisis are those who had a diversified approach to their practices. And, you want to be prepared for the next crisis.

    I've got 6 suggestions for ways you can diversify your practice without having to go back to school.

    • You can generate substantial income by incorporating one or more of these suggestions into your business ...

    Like many of you, my San Francisco pain relief and wellness center had its physical doors shut on March 16, 2020.

    However,  I wasn’t too concerned.


    And neither were most of my coaching clients.  They have applied the steps I suggest to diversify their practices and have been providing therapy services in a format I call a "video visit".

    I prefer "video visits" to "telehealth".

    Maybe you're not wanting to get in front of the camera, don't worry there is something for you too!

    Video Visit or not, How can you diversify your practice without going back to school?

    One of the first things to recognize when you transition from in-person physical therapy touch to virtual therapy touch is to identify exactly what you are providing to your clients.


    • Most of the value our clients received from their sessions with you came as a result of the entirety of their experience --not just how you applied your massage techniques.
    • Video visits are effective for providing a solid clinical outcome that your clients will be happy to pay for ...
    • and also for giving your clients a way to refer their friends to you now rather than wait until your physical doors reopen.

    Read more to learn how else can you can diversify your practice without having to go back to school ...

    In addition to -- or instead of -- video visits


    • To help you get started, here are six not-so-run-of-the-mill suggestions to generate revenue - without having to go back to school.