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    How often should you send email to your list of clients/prospects?

    In my Dream Practice Mastery Academy, we’re talking about email.

    You KNOW you’re ‘supposed’ to be in regular communication with your list of people who are either clients or they’re people who’ve expressed interests in your services, (we call them prospects), but are not sure what to send and how often to send.

    We certainly don’t want to annoy people, but most of us (me included) err on the side of not emailing enough to be effective.

    There are lots of studies that show the more you email, the higher your open-rate is.

    I’m certainly not an email expert, but I do see what works for me that I’ve learned from my business/marketing coaches over the years.


    All communication is helpful.

    As far as on-going email communication, you need to decide how often you want to write an email to your list.

    In a perfect world, you would consistently email your list every week on the same day.

    But as you see — I only do it when I feel like I have something to say and you can do the same.

    The strategy behind sending an is either to:
    • inspire

    • entertain

    • educate

    If you can do all three that’s great.


    Email Format:

    1. The body of the email is an important message you want to get across.
    2. Include a quick intro at the top of your email that will be the first line they read.
      (The intro reminds people who the heck you are, and why they should bother reading.)
    3. I like including an image of me, so there is a direct human to human connection.
      But, you could use your biz logo if you don’t want your face!
    4. Every email should have a Call To Action.  The CTA is what you want your reader to do next.

    You can include your CTA at the bottom of the email and in the PS.

    The CTA is to ask the reader to:
    1- call you

    2- text you

    3- email you

    4- visit you

    5-visit a webpage

    That’s it!

    Only 5 options — choose ONE!


    Before you write your email:
    Before you write your email, ask yourself, “What is the CTA I want them to do, and WHY?”

    When you want to offer a service or program, tie it into the email content.

    The content could be a quote of something that somebody else wrote, or you can write your own, it doesn’t really matter, but it does need to provide value, so your reader wants to continue to open your email.

    (hopefully, you find value by receiving my email, so you want to continue to open and read email from ME!)

    To help you decide what to write, think about the email you like receiving from other businesses and analyze why you open their email and what you like about it… Then you can do the same for your people.


    As in anything in business, you must test and try new approaches and tweak as you go. See what works best as to how often and what to send. Track your engagement and response from your sent emails, and you can even ask your readers what they want to receive from you.


    Remember, ultimately it is YOUR business and YOUR email, so if you get people who opt out and decide they don’t want to hear from you, don’t take it personally.

    If a few people get offended when you offer them a chance to buy a service, program or product, then they weren’t going to become a paying client anyway, so if they’re off your list, it should not effect your business.


    I know I still get miffed when people opt-out, but then I have to remind myself that it’s not personal. Maybe they are retiring from their practice, maybe they hired another coach, maybe they find me boring… it’s all OK.



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    If you’re not already emailing your peeps on at least a 1-2 times a month basis, I encourage you to start right now.

    Send an email sharing with them how you will be sending more frequent email and ask them for their advice on what topics they want you to cover.

    Ask permission to visit them more often to share stories, case studies, new findings, research and new programs and services you’re offering.

    Develop a personal, human-to-human relationship with your clients and prospects, and I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it not only feels good but also improves your bank account!

    I would like to hear from you — how often do you send out email to your list?
    What types of email do you send?
    How do you come up with what you want to write about?

    I’ll look for your comment below!

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