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Sexual Assault & Massage & Physical Therapists: What To Do To Protect Yourself


Hey my friends, This is a personal letter to you that I’ve taken to my blog to open a discussion around this very sensitive recent issue. The “P” word and the “G” word​ in professional therapy? Never.(Penis and ​Genitals)This “PPBA” is a working document that I want your thoughts on — is it necessary? Would it help? […]

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3-Step Easy Client Re-Booking System

    3-Step Client & Patient Re-Booking System

    If you had a 3-Step Easy Client Re-Booking system, would that make your life a lot better? Many therapists struggle with how to ‘encourage’, ‘get’, ‘convince’ clients to return for more than 1 or 2 visits, so they resort to selling discount packages (as taught by many other mentors or educators).Stop trying to convince people — […]

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