Corporations hire Irene Diamond to Remove Physical Pain & Activate ACTION!

Pain-Free People are
More Powerful, Productive and Pleasant!

Alleviate Your Team's Physical Pain,
Maximize Productivity, Boost Morale, and
Slash Work Comp Costs

30 years
of experience

People call me the "Pain Reliever & Mover Improver for Bodies AND Businesses"


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Smart corporations that prioritize employee well-being & offer wellness programs

Experience These Benefits:


Reduced absenteeism


Less unscheduled paid time off


Greater productivity


Increased satisfaction and morale


Fewer workers’ comp claims


Improved employee retention


Visible competitive advantage


Tax advantages + Financial ROI and savings

There's "Health-Care"
and, there's "Self-Care"...

Irene delivers

Virtual, and In-Person programs, trainings, and services.


Why Your Organization Needs Irene?

Diamond Is A Gem

Irene is a fun, entertaining, down-to-earth speaker who will inspire and activate your organization, team, employees, clients, and customers.

She is a sought-after expert with over 30+ years of experience as a practicing clinical pain relief specialist, motivational speaker, educator and corporate trainer.

Irene's in-person and digital presentations and programs are highly respected and often re-requested.

Sustainability and Premium Levels of Health & Wellness for both Humans and Businesses are the heart of Irene's Delivery.

Diamond Is A Wellness Pioneer

World's First International Health & Wellness Travel Company

Founded SeaFit Tours: Providing Health & Wellness Programs on International Cruise Ships before 'Wellness & Fitness" on cruises was a real 'thing'...


San Francisco's First Wellness Center

Founded the San Francisco Bay Area's first Wellness Center, providing a one-stop practice for a variety of Health & Wellness Providers and Services. (Acts as the current Director of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center on Lombard Street in San Francisco, California)


Developed Active Modulation Therapy - The Diamond Method®

Developed The Diamond Method®, recognized by many to be one of the most effective, efficient, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical methods of reducing or eliminating Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Migraine, and other orthopedic symptoms and conditions, while improving mobility and performance. 


What's My Presentation & Training Style?

Accountability + Truth

Honest tell-it-like it is solutions that are cost-effective, and produce extraordinary high ROI, all while inspiring activation. 


Irene's trainings, programs, and presentations are packed with down-to-earth, relatable, insight and motivation that activates her audience to make inspired positive change. 

Activated Progress

Bring Irene in to share her well-researched, but often counter-intuitive advice, concepts and strategy for health and wellness growth for businesses and humans.

See Irene In Action...

Corporate training encouraging Team Leaders to identify what precisely it is they RELIEVE and ACHIEVE for their employees

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A small-group training of a "Shoulder Circles" Action to relieve neck pain and improve mobility

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Irene Diamond provides 1-to-1 support in a "Cat and Camel" Action to relieve back pain and improve mobility

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Trainings & Services

MOTIVATIONAL: Success, One Step At A Time

Based on her complete paralysis from a spinal cord injury at age 15, Irene shares her rehabilitation triumph and path to serial entrepreneurship. The goal of this presentation is to motivate employees to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit to take ownership of projects and tasks and become greater leaders within your company.

CLINICAL: Migraine & Neck Pain Relief

Small or large group presentation format to accommodate your chosen department's needs. Manual and movement-based self care is taught to employees so they can prevent, reduce or elimiante their pain and restrcted mobility without injections, medications, and external physical therapies. 

CLINICAL: Personal Therapy, Sessions, and Services

Stretching, strengthening, balance, stability, breath, and manual therapy designed to reduce pain, stress and tension and improve productivity, function, performance, and well-being. All services are provided by skilled, licensed professionals. These personalized services can be provided at our locations if you're in one of our active cities, or at your location. 

CLINICAL: Ergonomic Assessments & Training

Individual ergonomic assessments are provided on location or virtual of your team's work situations. (Whether they work from their kitchen table, the boardroom, the factory,  or the classroom, physical comfort and productivity is paramount.)

The goal is to reduce strain and stress on employee's physical body, eyes, and mental fatigue, while creating a work environment that supports them, not only physically, but  mentally as well.

Training and consulting is based on the specific job function and requirements. On-the-spot suggestions and changes can be made to provide value immediately, and through additional training, and follow-up meetings. Individual or group reports may be arranged to provide to supervisors, HR or management. 

Irene consults with other Health Care Practices so they, too, can DESIGN YOUR DREAM PRACTICE

Best Selling Author
For Health & Wellness Providers and clinics.



Design Your Dream Practice

by Irene Diamond

Powerful Recommendations ...

Angie Patrick, Oakworks, Irene Diamond, Corporate training

 "In my 22-plus years within the Industry, I’ve consistently turned to Irene to have a pulse on the trends, techniques, and business-growth. Irene is a savvy businesswoman and an incredible educator. We're always thrilled to share her expertise."

Angie Patrick

Oakworks, Inc., Head of Distribution Development

Work with Irene to have your dream business, and live your dream life!

Maya Marcia Wieder

International Bestselling Author, Oprah guest, and Founder and CEO at Dream University


We are so impressed with Irene Diamond’s expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Accolades from her presentations have garnered her teaching spots in future festivals. We inducted her into the World Massage Hall of Fame 2013 in recognition of her profes- sional, intriguing, and educational business strategy and unique clinical approach.

Mike Hinkle

Founder, World Massage Hall of Fame & Festival, USA

Over the last decade I’ve sought out Irene Diamond for online and in-person conferences to share her expertise in therapy and business. Irene always delivers valuable information to our global audience of health care professionals.

Scott Dartnall

CEO, Global Organizer: World, Canadian, and American Conferences

Interesting Facts About Me...

It All Started With A Broken Neck!

When I was 15 years old, every Sunday, I would fly through the air doing acro-sports on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. One day while standing on my partner’s shoulders, I lost my balance, fell, and did a head-dive directly into the mats, landing on my head!

I broke my neck.
(Yes, the thing your mother always warned you against actually happened to me!)

I was completely paralyzed and rushed to the hospital.

It was discovered I had fractured C-5 & C-6 in my neck.  I could speak and breath, but I couldn't turn my head or move my arms and legs.

For over 64 days, I lay flat on my back in traction in the hospital with the hopes my vertebrae would heal... however, I ultimately needed spinal surgery to fuse the bones together.

My healing journey led me on my life-long path of supporting Humans in Pain, Business Owners, and their Team.

Now, my goal is to help other people reduce their physical pain,regain movement, and improve their life.

I do this through my corporate "Team-Care" wellness trainings, services, and programs and by providing continuing education courses for clinics, hospitals, private practices, and providers in the two therapeutic approaches I developed, Active Modulation Therapy - The Diamond Method® for clinical rehabilitation and Diamond Active Massage for a unique approach for fast, effective muscle tension and stress relief in spas and resorts.

I'm excited to support your admirable efforts to improve your team's lives!

Hire me to reduce orthopedic pain such as back, neck, migraine, and fibromyalgia conditions, improve their mobility, creating more ergonomicly supportive environments, and accelerate their performance, function, and attitude! 

Request A Conversation for YOUR "Team-Care"...

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