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    I am one of the best people on the planet to support you if your goal is to generate Ultra High Revenue while Supporting Clients to achieve their best state of Health & Wellness.

    And, you do this complete with lots of Time-Freedom & Giving Back to your community so you can have  a practice & lifestyle you love!

    As the founder of The Diamond Method® & Dream Practice Mastery Academy + over 30 years of in-the-trenches experience, it would be my pleasure to help you, too!

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    It All Started With A Broken Neck!

    When I was 15 years old, every Sunday, I would fly through the air doing acro-sports on a beach in Hawaii. One day while standing on my partner’s shoulders, I lost my balance, fell, and did a head-dive directly into the mats, landing on my head!

    I broke my neck.
    (Yes, the thing your mother always warned you would happen actually happened to me!)


    I was rushed to the hospital.

    It was discovered I had fractured C-5 & C-6. I was completely paralyzed, only able to speak and move my face but not turn my head or move my arms and legs.

    I ended up lying flat on my back in a halo-traction, for over 2 months.

    As the weeks progressed, I luckily began to regain my physical ability to move my limbs. After spinal surgery (and they only gave me 1 session of physical therapy) — the hospital sent me home.

    Since I had lost almost all muscle strength, I was barely walking but learned how to rehab myself from books (before the internet) and experiment with movement and massage on my own.


    My goal was to get out of pain and regain my ability to run, surf, dance, and play again…


    The Kernels of AMT Began…

    Because I was able to find pain relief from active manual therapy, the kernels of the foundational concepts of a rehabilitation technique were planted in my mind. As I progressed through high school and into college, little did I know that would play a major role in my creation of the clinical technique I went on to develop,  Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method®.

    Naturally, my choice to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Movement, and Rehabilitation Therapy resulted from my spinal cord injury. I wanted to help others who were also affected by pain, physical limitations, and SCI. (Spinal Cord Injuries).


    Landed a Prestigious Job On a Luxury Cruise Line

    Straight out of college, I landed a job with American Hawaii Cruises. For two years, I was their Sports & Fitness Director living and working at sea.  The experience of meeting people from all over the world and designing fitness programs for them that they could take home to continue in their ‘real life’ was a blessing.

    After two years, I saw there was a better way for people to travel and continue (or start) a fitness program.

    I decided I was ready to move on and moved from Oahu, Hawaii, to San Francisco, California, to start my own travel business. My goal was to host private groups on Fitness and Wellness cruises worldwide.
    (A concept that was unknown at the time.)


    Moved From Hawaii to San Francisco…

    Health and Fitness Cruising and fitness travel, in general, was a brand new concept.

    It also was a brand new business that I was undertaking, and I had never run my own business and needed answers…

    (I actually went to the library to borrow books on “How To Start A Business”!)

    With no formal business training and certainly no financial backing, at the age of 27, I established SeaFit Tours.

    It was thrilling to host intimate groups on international cruises traveling from the South China Sea to Alaska to the Panama Canal and the Caribbean.


    (Can I just say, “SO MUCH FUN!”)

    At the same time, I needed a way to generate ‘seed money’, so I went to massage school and taught aerobics to be able to earn some money to support me and my budding travel biz until it took off. Luckily, my private therapy practice took off right out of the gate.

    It grew so big that while I was out on cruises, I needed to hire other therapists to see my overflow of clients who couldn’t wait until I returned to San Francisco.


    1995: San Francisco’s very first Wellness Center in the Marina District:

    Because I needed a consistent location to see clients while I was in town, I founded a multi-practitioner clinic, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center.

    The center still enjoys a great reputation for clinical Active Myofascial Therapy, massage, pregnancy programs, injury rehab, and pain management.

    Along my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve made many business mistakes but also achieved huge successes.

    I’m a perpetual learner, always working with professional business coaches, attending programs, and networking with the best and brightest. Through their mentorship and my own experiences with trial and error, I’ve learned the most effective ways to generate generational wealth and happiness, through my businesses.

    Today, I’m known as “The Therapreneur’s Tour Guide To Attracting Affluent Appreciative Clients, While Creating Community Impact.”

    Even if we all aren’t traveling on cruise ships, life is a journey, isn’t it?

    Therapists and other wellness clinics who want to make it big in their businesses now hire me to consult for their business.

    They want my strategy, insight, and ideas wrapped around their unique business so they, too can make the impact they know they are meant to make.

    If you’re ready to create a fun, soul-satisfying, bank-filling practice — let me help you
    Design Your Dream Practice!

    I am here to help you reach higher levels in your professional wellness practice than maybe even you ever thought possible!


    Do you want me to hold your hand?

    Continuing with the travel theme, I’ll take you by the hand and show you the amazing vistas, the secret shortcuts, and help you avoid the pot-holes and ditches along your journey.

    Let me help you to soar to the tops of the mountains!

    To get started, request a Business Diagnostic Session with me.

    (I provide 10 complimentary Biz Dx sessions a month at no cost.
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    If you qualify for this call, we’ll uncover EXACTLY what you want in your business; what’s working and not working, and where you want to go with your career regarding lifestyle, money, dream clients, and all the rest of the goodies that go into creating and designing a dream practice for you!

    If You KNOW You’re Ready To Work With Me As Your Mentor, Now:

    Just send me a message and we can see if and how I might support you best. If I feel I can help you reach your business goals, and I see we’re a good match for each other — I’ll invite you to join one of my programs.

    (If I am not confident in helping you get where you want to get, I’ll let you know, and we’ll part as friends.)


    Like many of my coaching clients, you, too can begin living your dream and having your dream practice!

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