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Can You Charge More For Your Therapy Services?

can you charge more for your therapy services?

Can You Charge More For Your Therapy Services? “I can’t charge more for my massage services!” “No one will pay more for my physical therapy sessions!” “My fees are already at the ‘going rate’ in my area!”   Do Any Of Those Complaints Above Sound Familiar? As a biz-coach, I hear these laments almost daily […]

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Networking: Grow Your Relationships to Grow Your Business

handshake for fundraiser

Anyone here like “Networking”? You’ve probably heard people say these phrases before: “People do business with people they know, like ‘n’ trust.” or “It’s not your net-WORTH that is important, but your NET-WORK”. or “It’s not WHO you know or WHAT you know… but who knows YOU!”   Are These Quotes True? I say yes! […]

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