13 Client Attraction Marketing Strategies

plant seeds of marketing

Simplify, Take Action, Focus…On One Thing

Are you are like how I used to be when I first started my practice I had NO IDEA how to get clients!
(Most thera-preneurs feel the same way and have a hard time focusing on what to do to get new clients…


Are You Thinking:
What marketing ‘thing’ should I do?
Should I spend money on advertising?
How do I get new clients?

Too many of us run around thinking we need to do ‘everything’!
Blogging, FaceBook ads, YouTube Videos, Tweeting … ARRRGGGHH… it’s too much for one person to do, plus it’s hard to learn how to do them all, well, and you think it sucks!

Take a breath.

It’s actually simpler than you think.
It’s just a matter of planting seeds…some will grow. Then you harvest the best, and re-plant!
The key is focus on just one (or maybe two) marketing strategy.
Pick one (or two ways) to generate exposure and attract new clients.
Be sure the marketing strategies you choose are things you like doing (& are good at or will be willing to work to get good at.)
(When I realized I didn’t have to do all the stuff I was hearing about, it actually made my life so. much. more. simple!)
Now, I know exactly what I’m going to do for my ‘external marketing’ to get all the clients I want, and you can too.
In a moment, I will share with you 13 client attracting marketing methods but I think it might help for you to learn what I do in my San Francisco wellness center.

 I have 3 main marketing ‘things’ I do:

  1. Speak in front of small groups leading workshops
  2. We have our WeGiveBack Community Outreach program
  3. Multiple referral systems in place with Health Care Providers

I picked these 3 ‘cuz I enjoy them, am good at them, and they work!



Here Are 13 Client Attraction Marketing Strategies:
Pick your favorite, Focus on it, & Repeat it!

  1. Article Writing (submit to local papers, other people’s blogs, online directories)
  2. Email E-zine (sent to your list of prospects on a regular basis. Filled with goodies about you, your biz, health topics, current wellness case studies of clients, etc — not just sales.)
  3. FaceBook ads (Paid)
  4. Speaking live in front of groups
  5. Daily Deal Sites
  6. Affiliate Relationships and Joint Ventures (Neighboring businesses, sponsors, vendors)
  7. Paid ads (Local papers, radio, cable TV)
  8. WeGiveBack Community Outreach program
  9. Referral Systems with Health Care Providers
  10. Referral Systems for Current Clients
  11. Networking events
  12. Webinars & Teleseminars
  13. Blog posts
Does anything from the list above strike your fancy?

What matches your skills? Your time? Your budget?

Notice, from the entire list of 13 above only 2 will cost you any money!
The rest are free to istart doing right now!
Sorry not sorry — no excuses.

Over my years as a coach I’ve seen many practitioners try a method (for a few days, or a few weeks) and shout, “It doesn’t work!” The problem is they either didn’t give it enough time, or didn’t set it up properly.

Don’t let that be you!
My analogy of this is like planting a seed for a tree in a nice sunny spot, and after a week saying, ‘It’s not growing!” Pulling it out of the ground and re-planting it again in another spot….

Just as the roots are beginning to take hold, you yank it out and move it because you can’t see anything happening.

Some marketing tactics are the same way, like writing or bloging… they take a little time before you see the results.

Some marketing begins to work almost instantly, like the WeGiveBack program and public speaking.
(You set it up, and instantly (like literraly the same day) new clients find you and ask to book appointments with you.)

Be patient. Enjoy the process.


3 Today’s Action Steps:
  1. Post below in the comments the tst method you will use or are using now, to attract more clients.
  2. Share what you think might get in your way (or stop you) from doing it.
  3. Take a minute to share this link with your friends and colleagues in FaceBook or your therapy school, by hitting the ‘share’ button so more practice owners find success, too!

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Robert says:

    Great information Irene!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Bella says:

    I wanna try/use a few.

    First the We Give Back program, i did last month got great results but didn’t advertise well this month so its not going too well. In the future i will make sure i contact(early) the places that have the group that I’m honoring for the month.

    Next daily deal, that was the first thing i did when i opened my practice last year and most of my clients right now i got them from the deal, but i want to do a better job at it this time: ask for more money and have a strategy to get them to rebook or buy a package.

    Then i want to try referral systems with current clients, health care providers and joint ventures.

    What will get in my way of trying those 3 strategies is not knowing how to go about contacting people/businesses, what to offer them and finding the courage and motivation to do it. I get cold feet lol

    • Hi Bella,
      First, congrats on the success of your WeGiveBack program! (and yes, it takes planning to notify the groups in time for them to reserve their sessions with you.)

      You wrote, “not knowing how to go about contacting people/businesses, what to offer them and finding the courage and motivation to do it.”

      2 parts to this- #1 knowing WHO to contact, and #2- knowing HOW to do it… It is not difficult but does take strategy based on your business model, goals, and services.

      Best of luck and if I can help you more on an individual basis, reach out to me and we can see what your next step might be.


  • Arline says:

    Thanks a lot Irene for these amazing marketing strategies. I will try doing at least 3 of them. I appreciate it greatly.

    Kind regards,

    • Arline,
      Glad you appreciate the tips.
      My suggestion is to start with only one (or two at the most) of the strategies. Focus on it to get it working well, them move on to include a new strategy.

      Let me know how which strategy you try, and how it goes for you!

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