Year in Review & Future Planning


    evaluate your last year accomplishmentsYear in Review & Future Planning ~
    A peak into my Strategic Design for the New Year:

    Use this quick assessment as a brain-jogger to see how you did last year and how and what you will do to make effective, impact-full changes for this up-coming new year.
    (This information comes from a more-detailed Year in Review & Future Planning evaluation I do with my new private coaching clients)

    Take your time, and be thoughtful when you answer these questions, focusing specifically about your business.

    (If yes- list your $ numbers and briefly write how/what you did.
    If no, write out why not.)
    A.  Yes or No, Did I reach my pre-planned goals that I wanted to accomplish in the following categories?

    1. Revenue generation?
    2. Reduced expenses by?
    3. Number of referrals?
    4. Number of referring partners?
    5. Number of new clients?
    6. Number of appointments per month?
    7. Hours & days worked?

    B.    Did I create any new marketing campaigns that worked well?
    C.    Did I create any new marketing campaigns that did not work as planned?
    D.   How is my staff working out? Do I need to train, hire or fire more?
    E.    If I bring on staff member, will they be virtual or in-person?
    F.    What tasks can I begin to delegate so I can wear the CEO hat?
    G.    Have I developed new Referring partners?
    H.   Have I nurtured the relationships I already have?
    J.    What do I need to do to grow personally as a leader and business owner?

    Once you’ve gone through these preliminary Year in Review & Future Planning assessment questions, you will have a good idea of what you need to improve, and where you need to focus in the up-coming year to see monumental leaps in revenue, new clients, and peace of mind!

    Would you share some of your Year in Review & Future Planning or your accomplishments by posting below?
    If you are not sure how to make the changes you need to do, I am here to help you.
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    If you want my personal help to hold your hand as you create your next year’s success, please pop me an email to let me know you’re interested and my team will get in touch with you for the next step.

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