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Why are you leaving Me?



    Hi there,
    Why are you leaving me?

    I see that you decided this program was not right for you…
    or, at least not right for you, right now!

    Would you mind telling me what it was that had you decide not to invest in your business (and in yourself) through this program?

    If you could share your thoughts, it would really be appreciated since my goal is to provide as much service (and value) as I can to practitioners like you.

    You can send me an email don’t worry about hurting my feelings…
    I’m a tough cookie and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Send the email to me at Irene @DiamondWellness. com (<– spaces are to stop the spam, please take out the spaces so it becomes a valid email.)

    Take care and if you change your mind, I would love the opportunity to serve you in Designing, growing, & Having your Dream Practice.

    ~ Irene