Why It’s So Hard, Now We’re Closed Due To Covid


Aside from the loss of revenue...

Why is it so uncomfortable for therapists now?

I suggest, it is difficult for so many of us now, because our identity is intertwined & caught up in what we 'do"....

Look at these three changes we are now required to make:

  • It requires us to shift what we believe our professional role is in this world.
  • It requires us to shift what we believe is possible for ourselves, if we cannot perform our 'job'. 

  • It requires us to shift who we be!

(This post is based on a concept I was taught by my own business coach.)

Definition of "REMIT":
1. Send (money) in payment or as a gift. "the income they remitted to their families"

  • When we REMIT, we are paying... and someone is RECEIVING.
  • We PAY AND RECEIVE in 5 ways (5 areas of our 'being')
  • Every decision we make right now about our business, either HURTS us in 1 OR SOME of these areas, or HELPS us.
  • Consider your decision to REMAIN OPEN OR TO CLOSE & Explore how it impacts you *hurts or helps) in these 5 aspects of your life.

Based on who we ARE and what we DO, so many of us are caught up in the:

  1. Reputation - What do others think of us, how are we perceived in our community, our family, our profession? Is it possible to retain our solid reputation if our physical doors are closed? 
  2. Energy - We exert physical, emotional and mental energy thinking about, planning, working with our clients and patients. What do we do with this un-required energy?
  3. Money - We make money from being a therapist or from our clinic so now if that income generation stream is taken away from us... where do we earn our living or how do we continue with less money coming in?
  4. Identity - How do we view/ perceive ourselves. Who ARE we if we cannot BE a therapists or clinic owner who provides physical therapy with our clients and patients?
  5. Time - How much time did we spend working with our clients and in our practices? Now what do we do with our time?

When asked, "WHAT DO YOU DO?" by other people at a gathering or in a networking event... many providers answer with their profession, such as, "I do massage",  or "I am a physical therapist"...

Their identity is that they ARE what they DO.

This is tragic.

WHY is this tragic?
If the world takes away the ability for us to “do“ what we say and identify with what we "do", sadly, we’re left with nothing.

Many of us, of course have outside interests, families, hobbies, and other revenue streams, however if a huge part of who you are is wrapped up in the fact that you are a therapist who provides hands-on or movement therapy, and that’s taken away from you, it can be absolutely devastating.

We’ve seen comments, and complaints, and concerns from therapist around the world and how distraught they are because they are not able to work in such close proximity to their beloved clients.

So what is the solution or answer?

I submit the solution is that no matter how much you love being a therapist, that you must change your perspective of who you are.

You can not base your identity on being a practitioner, and instead form your identity on being a business owner (which you are).

Unless and until a provider does re-calibrate what they 'DO", it seems they will continue to struggle if/when they become injured, a virus shuts us down, they want to go on vacation and travel so are unable to place their hands on clients... 

If you chose to remain thinking of yourself as a practitioner who solely works with clients and patients, you may always struggle, even once COVID-19 is 'under control'.

Many of my coaching clients and I are still open for business and delivering extremely valuable services to our clients and patients because we are operating as a business, not specifically and solely as a manual and movement therapist.

We are 'doing business', not 'doing massage' or 'practicing physical therapy', therefore, we can continue practicing and none of our REMIT is at risk.

As you know thousands of therapeutic businesses are still up and running...
Are You?

When you create a new (or different) identity around who you are and what you “do” as a professional, and start seeing yourself as a business owner, you will begin to explore the amazing open possibilities that are in front of all of us, instead of seeing doors that are shut.

 I hope you’ll start to see how wide open your practice can be, even during this time of shelter in place and physical distancing.

Will you leave a comment and tell us what you are 'doing' now, and how you're
REMIT-ing is going?

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Together, we are even more brilliant!
~ Irene

(*This TIMER concept comes from my own business coach, Travis, who taught me how these 5 elements of being encompass all)

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Tina says:

    Joining your group Design.Align.Serve has helped me shift my perspective from being a “therapist” to being a business owner as well as looking closer at the needs of my clients.
    I am still earning money which is awesome but mostly excited to not only helping my previous clients but now helping a whole new demographic online.
    ps thank you for helping me see beyond me and focus on the clients.

  • Hi there Irene, lovely email. Yes, this closure has been hard on me. I was really pissed off in the beginning because of this virus. Who would have thought my business would be closed due to a virus. Well, I feel good it is closed to the pandemic and not because I am a bad therapist. I have been keeping myself busy painting and taping and floating 3 of my rooms. So tell me about how I can work with my clients remotely? Thank you.

  • Nenad Barackov says:

    Hello Irene,and thank you for thoughtful message.
    I like word Flexibility : in our body and mind.
    I think New different hat,door or whoever you want to say it,now Is good time to explore and learn what one like to do(we know that first choice of body work is taken away for time B) that can be for filling and make you feel great about what you do even dough it can be New field.
    I got lucky and transition to help with remodeling and renovation of my wife’s office and getting payed(less of course what we/I will make in my practice) but you have a mission on your mind,time goes by faster and Im /you are productive while being useful.
    Some people need our help with just simple as it’s shopping,driving,navigating through our medical system and insurance obstacles.
    They don’t mind to pay for that.
    Trying different things will for sure clear what you don’t like to do(no matter how much money they pay you) but now we do have a time to experiment.
    Keep our self active and staying healthy is one thing that nobody can take from us. Be well and sun will come on our door.

    • Nenad!
      You’re right — Flexibility is KEY!

      And it is a good time to explore new options, for sure.
      Many businesses will come out stronger, some will sadly, close.

  • Adrienne Young says:

    What a wonderful message. Identifying ourselves by what we do can be challenging even in non-COVID times. Seeing ourselves as Biz Owners with necessary things to do that we often put off doing is quite a bit more positive and gives us perhaps other avenues we can look to for relief until “normal” returns.
    Thanks Irene!

  • Deborah says:

    I am a business owner that provide 15 practitioners office space for their private business. I am.a massage therapist, too. Tho, I am not presently working, I am working keeping my spaces fresh, clean.and “ready to rumble,” as they say once our massage business are allowed to resume. Getting marketing files updated, business financials work, taxes prep. Whew. How did I get this all.done, working full time?

    • Yep! You are still working — but not seeing clients.

      Doing the business-part of running a business can take a lot of time.

      Glad you’re still in the game, getting ready to rumble!

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