Who Is STILL Holding You Back?

Who Is STILL Holding You Back? the stumbling stage- irene diamond.com

Who Is STILL Holding You Back?

  • Is there someone (s) who is still holding you back from your past and stopping you from being your most powerful self?
  • Is there some one or something keeping you from contributing your most powerful brilliance to the people in this world who need you, and to our world?
  • Will you (finally) make the bold decision (once and for all) to stop letting the past... (your past)  hold you back and keep you stuck where you are, rather than flying to where you want to be?

(Watch to the end, it is a Powerful message.)


His point gets across loud and clear. This is for anyone who is holding on to (big or small) 'garbage' from the past.

So, I'll ask you again...(you can reply below)...

Who Is STILL Holding You Back?
What Is STILL Holding You Back?

Will you make a decision once and for all to stop letting the past hold you back and keep you stuck?

Will you end your 'stumbling stage"?

Are you going to release the garbage and take action to move ahead?

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  • Lucy says:

    I have been stumbling for the last five years. I sibling stated to me that I am worthless. The words cut me deeply. However, I am making steps that are more assuredly mine, in ever increasing length. I have been given skills to help others. I can help myself and others as well and am.

  • wen says:

    Today is Sat Feb 6 2016. 5:15 am . May I view thr video today?

  • Nguyet says:

    Ah ha. Amen. Preach it again sir. This reminds me of my time when I was young and one of my best friends was African American and we attended a Pentecostal church.

    I am the one holding myself back. I have been coached and coached and I know what I need to do. I guess I am stumbling to get the courage up to make some tweaks in my massage business for it to be more successful.

    Thanks Irene for sharing.

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