What’s Your Back-Story?


What’s Your Back-Story?

My back story, literally IS a back story!

People Want Trust & Comfort:

Today, people want to do business with businesses they feel comfortable with, feel like they know (on some level) and trust. It comes down to the people who own and run the business.

(When I started my first business, SeaFit Tours, back in 1987, it was just little-ole-me running the show, but I tried to make it seem like I was a big corporation. Instead of saying ‘me’ I positioned it to appear bigger by saying ‘we’ or ‘us’.)

But now, it’s the opposite and many customers and clients prefer working with smaller businesses and if possible, enjoy working directly with the owners of those businesses when ever possible.

To attract and keep clients, it is really cool when
you inco
rporate your ‘back-story’ because it helps people get to know and understand you.


Like most of us, my back story has many facets, but one of the biggies is the fact that I literally broke my back when I was 15 years old by doing the crazy stuff you see on the right.

Acro-sports was my life!

But, a fall onto my head left completely paralyzed — a quadriplegic!
(actually I fractured C-5/6, so it’s my neck, but…)



You & I Are Experts:
By default, breaking my neck makes me more of an ‘expert’ on recovering from neck, back, and spinal cord injuries than anyone else who hasn’t experienced that.
(How many people can say they spent 2 full months on their back in a Halo attached with 4 screws into my scull?)

I had to learn how to regain my ability to move, rehab my body, develop strength and function again, and everything that goes along with the entire process, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I went on to use that experience in choosing my university degree of Rehabilitation and Movement Therapy, and founded the manual and movement-based rehabilitation method of Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method.

Trust & Confidence:
When students studying AMT hear my story, it gives them a sense of confidence in not only how applying AMT will impact their client’s condition, but also they see how I incorporate Active Myofascial Therapy in my own clinical practice to earn a great income and reputation as a brilliant therapist. They want the same in their own practice!

My suggestion to you today:
Look in to your own history and see how what you experienced personally has led you to where you are today, and use that back-story to emphasize how that helps you be the expert you are.

(NOTE: Your personal experience does not only come from things that happened to you — it can also be related to you in some way. Example: you provided therapy and cared for your mom who had a double mastectomy and a grandma and neighbor each with breast cancer. Or for the hair stylists reading this, have you had a personal struggle with your hair or scalp that has led you to find solutions and methods you now share with your clients?)

 Share Your Back-Story:
Tell the story often. (I need to remember to do this more too.)
Incorporate your story into your marketing, and your conversation.

Your back-story is just one of the things that sets YOU apart form the other therapists and practitioners in your area!

And, if you are a clinical therapist and want to learn more about the method that got me back on my feet, look in to ActiveMyofascialTherapy.

It would be my honor to personally share the method with you so you too can experience brilliant clinical and financial results in your practice!

Will you please share your back story below?

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • wendy says:

    me too! thanks for saying you do it, too. sometimes i wonder if i should explain why i understand, as it seems i do understand many complaints, as i was a patient recovered with massage support in a doctor’s care.

    now i share some experience from my perspective as a patient, to help my clients be patient with the shoulder neck recovery. it takes time.

    i understand how hard the mind body struggles with ego during the long process of a shoulder issue. knowing how people can be discouraged, has helped me during session when experiencing another person’s experience more than from a booksmart perspective had before my actual experience as a patient, disabled and unable to perform massage for a period of time.

    Now I am glad to know you do it too!

    • Wendy, Thanks for sharing your experience. People appreciate that we can understand what they are going through.

      It’s also important on an even deeper level, which is we understand the family dynamics that go along with the situation too!

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