What Is YOUR ONE Best Clinical Result?

Design Your Unique Program - Irene Diamond

Quick! Want us to refer clients & patients to you?

Answer this fast:

If you want to get lots of referrals and be known for ONE thing —


  • Pain relief?
  • Relaxation?
  • Better skin?
  • improved mobility?
  • More sound sleep?
  • Run faster?
  • Train harder in sport?
  • More efficient digestion?
  • or is it something else that tremendously benefits your clients?

I’ve got physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, estheticians, and fitness instructors reading this blog post, so your result might be different than in my list

BUT, if you want to stand out from your ‘competition’, you MUST be known for SOMETHING AMAZING!

I know many people say, we facilitate change and don’t actually cause the change, but I suggest we do play a powerful role in our client’s lives and if they are needing/wanting what YOU can bring them, they NEED to know about you so they can work with you!

The best way to be known for your brilliant result is to develop your unique program of therapy (not a modality) but an organized systematic program that takes your clients from where they are right now (in pain, limited ability, suffering) and bring them to the most beautiful outcome of health and happiness and improved living!

You may know I just held a 6-module virtual training on how to “Design Your Unique Program”

(See the image that 3 people sold their first program even before they finished the DYUP training!)

  • If YOU want to get ‘famous’ in your city and known as the expert in getting results for your clients, you need to have a unique program that sets you apart from everyone else.
  • You need to be able to document and promise brilliant results so your clients and patients want to work with you, and will easily say YES!

I’m hosting a live version very soon in San Francisco — feel free to contact me if you want to apply to attend and to see if we still have space open in the class!

I will also be releasing the Home Study Course of the training.

Contact me ASAP if you want to be interviewed to receive the Home Study course.


For now, though, we might be able to refer some clients to you, if we know someone in your area, who needs what YOU Do!

Post below:

#1: What is YOUR ONE BEST CLINICAL RESULT you help your clients & patients get?

#2: City, State or country you practice in.

(Be sure to Enter your Website in the comment form (NOT HERE) so we can easily refer clients who need what YOU deliver to speak with you.)

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  • Faz says:

    I’m going to memorize that Irene. We have to get known for something amazing. For me it shifts year to year. But overall I’m known as that obnoxious guy who asks too many questions but finds and fixes the problem.

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