Fill Your Practice with 10-25+ Dream Clients Each Month

Licenses available!
 Become the exclusive clinic, spa or wellness center to offer
Irene Diamond's "WeGiveBack" Client Acquisition System
in your geographical area.

This "Give-To-Get-Gold" program is a Triple Win.
1) Recurring Revenue
2) Dream Clients
3) Community Goodwill + Enhanced Reputation

Watch Irene's short video above, where she answers a few common questions about how you can run your very
first client-getting "WeGiveBack" campaign within a few days, without any advertising costs.

(In the video, Irene mentions dates, but now you can purchase a license and access the home study course ANYTIME (and receive an invite to join the live program whenever we offer it!)


"I anticipate 100 new clients + over $1250 in revenue from my first WGB program!"

Sarah - Massage Therapist

 Sarah now has her entire year mapped out just from incorporating what she learned in the "WeGiveBack Community Outreach Client-Acquisition System first module!

LICENSES LIMITED TO ONLY 1 PRACTICE per territory to avoid
over-saturation + retain effectiveness and impact.

License is available on a first-come-first-served basis.
After the initial purchase, you may secure your area with a renewable, annual license. 
If you purchase a license and your city is already reserved by another practice,
you'll receive an immidiate refund and be notified when/if your area becomes available.

Your "WeGiveBack" campaign is a simple, elegant, method to:

  • Generate good-will for your business
  • Give back to special people in your community

  • Gain new clients ANYTIME you want
  • Give back to special people in your community
  • Generate new revenue this week!

The Best Part?

A WeGiveBack campaign is FREE to Integrate into Your Practice As Often As You Want

Get new clients rolling into your practice like clock-work in just 2-5 days from now.

Licensed Clinic Owners RECEIVE:

Complete Instructions On How To Offer Your "WeGiveBack Campagnes.


#1 - WeGiveBack Blueprint Samples
Effectively design your first campagne that fits your business model and attracts your dream client.

#2 - "Group Leader" Suggested Scripts
Use this with group leaders and key individuals so you know exactly what to say to start the ball rolling (without feeling awkward) and they are excited to participate in your program.

#3 - "New Client" Suggested Scripts
Use this when you're speaking to the new client so they're eager to schedule their first session with you, return and refer. (This almost completely avoids 'no-shows'. and cancellations)

#4 - The "Secret Sauce"
A simple, but powerful method to go viral and encourage clients to tell their friends to book a WeGiveBack session.


  1. BONUS #1: "You've Been Chosen" pre-written Sample email to send the group leader to share your offer, and have them jump to participate in it, rather than throwing it in the trash, or hitting 'delete'.
  2. BONUS #2: "The Way it Works" pre-written Sample email to send the new clients so you pre-qualify them before you hold an appointment time for them and they pull a 'no-show'. This little (but powerful) email is the way to get rid of the 'tire kickers' or 'fakers' who will never amount to paying clients.
  3. BONUS #3: Sample Announcements (flyers) to use as a model to create your own and not have to worry about what to put on the marketing pieces you email to the groups and new clients. You will also get a link to our free resource to use to create your own stunning announcements online.
  4. BONUS #4: 1 hour Question & Answer Coaching Call with Irene so you can make sure you understand how to implement a WeGiveBack program into your Business!
    (Scheduled within the first 3 months, whenever you need a "Clarity Call")
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