5 Areas That Keep You Stuck In Your Biz

Irene Diamond speaking on video- Where Are Your Stuck in Your Biz?

5 Areas That Keep You Stuck in Your Biz
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Over my years supporting practitioners in Dreaming, Designing, & Defining their dream practice, I see a common thread.

They’re stuck because they can’t get the number of clients they want, are not able to reach the level of income they want, or are making ok money, but are burning out working 5,6,7,8 hours of hands-on services a day!…

I’ve identified 5 SPECIFIC areas where MOST PEOPLE get stuck, or bogged down in their biz.

It can’t continue, nor does it sustain a viable business.

Being stuck WILL either kill you, or cause you to stop practicing and go try to get a ‘real’ job.

(I know about the long, hard, burnt-out, exhaustion because I was one of those practitioners when I first started my practice — booking 8 hours of hands-on therapy A DAY along with teaching a bunch of aerobic classes a week on top of it, ALL while building my travel cruise company.)

I see these 5 areas of ‘stuck-ness’ happen with hair stylists, fitness trainers, massage therapists, physical therapists and other wellness-based service providers.

–> Are you one of these service providers who is stuck?

You went into biz for yourself because you LOVE what you do, you LOVE your clients/patients, and you LOVE the results you can help your clients achieve.

you don’t LOVE how your biz is running you to the ground…

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(If you need help, you can also click here to reach out to me so we can briefly talk about how to get you out of the stuck-ness so you can start actually having your practice work FOR you rather than you work for it.)

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What is keeping YOU stuck?

Of these 5 Areas You May Be Stuck…which ones have got you, AND most important … What will you do about it TODAY?

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Video: 'How Are YOU Stuck In Your Biz?'

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  • Hi Irene, great video by the way. I’ve been having this mobile massage biz since 2011 and because is mobile and the price is hire my clients are reluctant to book regular (I charge $100 CAD/hr). I do propose them a treatment usually 6 sessions based on their needs (is a great idea to create packages like you said), but even they have coverage they still don’t want to book regular. I really don’t know the reason why I am stuck.

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