Unique gifts honor your clients: 21-Day “Challenge”

CA#3-Oxfam Gift-2

Looking for unique gifts that honor your clients?

If you are a wellness practitioner, these ideas might be perfect for you.

My gift to you over the next 21 days, is to help you gift your clients in a unique way.

You will see the 'challenge' of simple ways you can honor or pay tribute to your clients and patients through unique gifts that honor them.
(Please choose to take on at least one of the challenges...it'll be fun!)

Your clients will appreciate you thinking of them, and they will surely like the fact that you are doing so in a unique way.

Do you have any other unique ideas to contribute to these?
Post them below in the comments so I can use them here or next year!

CA#1-Provide a simple thank you card with a-1

CA#2-Reverse Referral-1

 Day 1- Handwritten Note in a Holiday Card
So easy, yet so over-looked.

Provide a card with a simple, heart-felt hand-written note.

Hand it to them as they leave or mail it in the post.


Day 2- Reverse Referrals

If your clients are in business for themselves, think of one person right now who you can refer to them.

Send them an email introducing the two of them and include a brief explanation of how you see them benefiting each other.

CA#3-Oxfam Gift-2

Day 3- Give A Goat!

(This is one of my personal FAVORITE Charity Gifts!)

Browse Oxfam Gifts

 Look through this online catalog and pick out a unique, symbolic gift for your favorite clients.

Give a goat for $50 in your client’s name.

Clean water for $35, or blankets to mosquito nets for under $30.

Your chosen gift is actually a donation that will be used where it is needed the most—to help people living in poverty around the world. They will receive a card from OXAFM with a note that the gift was made by you in their name.
(Of course, choose your own charity from this list and make a donation in your friends, family or client’s name.)





Day 4: Educational Gift
Find or create an e-book, report, workbook, video or other information product that relates to them.

Be sure the gift solves a concern, gives them an advantage, or makes them smile. (I personally love vintage books that are on a topic they enjoy.) They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.





Day 5: Special Winter Party
Plan a special party for your patients or customers.
Can be as simple as hosting an “Open House” for the holidays for a few hours.

Serve spiced apple cider, dried dates and sugar cookies. Provide a simple give-away so they don’t leave empty-handed.

Invite people to stop by for a bit of relaxation and fun.




CA#6-homemade food gift

Day 6 Homemade Cookies or Lasagna
Prepare small batches of your favorite treat and wrap it up in pretty packaging to hand them after their session. 

Or, send them off with a gift that you arranged someone else to bake for you to give.







send them 2 ticketsDay 7- 2 Tickets
Send them event tickets, museum tickets or 2 movie passes so they can bring a friend.








CA#8-Food Bank


Day 8 – Food Bank Donation
Make a donation to a local food bank in your client’s name.

You can support a family or a single person, and you can designate the time-frame too.

It is a genuine gesture of caring for your community.




CA#9-Area to relaxDay 9: Relaxation
Invite them in out of the hustle and bustle to relax in your studio, wellness center, or clinic EVEN on a day they are not coming to see you.

Offer them some tea, wi-fi and maybe even your bathroom!


They’ll appreciate the little escape to calmness from shopping, traffic and running errands to sit and relax in your space.







CA#10-Car Detailed

Day 10: Wax On, Wax Off.
Arrange (in advance) to have their car professionally detailed while they’re having their session with you.

You can hire a professional car-detailor or, pay your kid or staff do the detailing.





CA#11- Pay for CommuteDay 11: Pay for Commute:

For your clients who pay for taxis , Ubers or other means of commuting to your office, find out what the round-trip fee is and deduct it from what they owe you for your service as a nice surprise!






CA#12- Personal assistant

Day 12: Personal Assistant:

Hire a personal assistant, your responsible kid, or a staff member to do a few hours of work, office tasks, home tasks, or run errands for your favorite clients.






CA#13- Lottery Ticket


Day 13: Lottery Ticket:

Give the gift of chance… they could win a million dollars!
Fun because of the mystery, and only costs you a dollar.






CA#10 - Spoken Thank youDay 14: Spoken Thank You:

Each time a client comes in, give them a genuine “Thanks for coming in.”







CA#15 - Handwritten Thank you

Day 15: Write a “Thank You” to their Health Care Provider

Send a hand-written thank you note to the referring health care provider for their trust in you be sending you a new client.

Even better, have the client sign the note too!





CA#16 - Magazine

Day 16:  Send a Magazine:

Give them a subscription to a magazine on a relevant topic.

Each month (or week) this gift shows up will remind them of your appreciation.


I suggest paper version since many people ac tually like holding it in their hands, or of course you can give a digital subscription.



CA#17 - Picnic


Day 17: Prepare a Picnic basket:

It may be cold, but…

Get them a catered lunch, in a sweet picnic basket.

Encourage them to invite their spouse or significant other to enjoy it with them during an extended lunch break during the busy week.



CA#18 - Food basket-theme

Day 18: Create an Edible Theme Basket:

Send an edible basket of yummy & healthy food — choose unique items they might not think of to pick.

Everyone needs to eat, and it becomes difficult when people are scheduled out to the max.

If your edible basket includes unusual foods it might introduce them to new food option they do not know of.




CA#19 - handmade gift



Day 19: Are you Handy?

Are you or your employees extra crafty?

Or, can you find a local artist to make custom gifts.

The gift can be for them, their family, their pet or their kids.




CA#20 - kiva.com


Day 20: www.Kiva.org:

Give a gift card thru KIVA to give back to your customers and the world.


KIVA’s peer-to-peer, non-profit lending site goal is to alleviate world-wide poverty. Go to Kiva.org.




CA #21 - Health


Day 21: Health & Wellness:

Give the gift of health and wellness that is not included in your usual services.

Massage? A workout? A Haircut? Facial?

What a wonderful way to say “Thanks” by providing a well-loved (and well needed) service provided by you or another expert!

To inspire us all, post below to let us know what gifts you'll be doing this year to honor your clients!

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Agree with Melissa! Specialty cookies for those with allergies (paleo, gluten-free, vegan, etc) along with the recipe, so they know exactly what’s in them!

  • Melissa says:

    Great gift ideas for clients ! Thankyou for sharing! I always like to send cards to my clients with cookies or brownies. 😁

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