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Speaking and Authoring by Irene Diamond


    Honored to be the 2013 inductee in the Massage World Hall of Fame, Irene Diamond is “The Therapist’s Tour Guide To Business Success.” She teaches therapists and wellness providers how to Get More Dream Clients, Receive More Referrals & Earn More Money, all while Having More Fun!

    Irene is no “Diamond In The Rough”

    High Energy, Down-To-Earth, Speaker, Author, Expert



    Recognized internationally as a straight-forward, filled-with-integrity, business strategist and marketing expert for small and solo wellness practitioners, Irene delivers high-impact systems, concepts and resources not often available from traditional coaches, and therapy schools. These unique lessons are shared to design and grow “thera-preneurs” successful, heart-based therapy and wellness practices.

    Irene has presented practice-building topics to live audiences across the United States.

    She has hosted her own live and virtual internet seminars, workshops and events as well as been invited to speak at professional industry events around the USA. She has been a guest on virtual webinars and programs throughout the globe, and coached and mentored therapists around the world.

    Irene has been hired to author industry association, American Bodywork & Massage Association web-pages covering the topic of insurance billing, and is published in trade magazines on business-building and clinical rehabilitation for therapists and other professional wellness-based organizations.

    She has also been a guest presenter for seminars and workshops for the wellness-consumer, sharing topics focusing on pain relief, ergonomics, and fitness & wellness.

    Since 1988, she has run her own private practice, established San Francisco, California’s very first Wellness Center, providing pain relief and injury rehabilitation to clients and patients, with multiple health care providers referring their patients to her as their top choice.

    Irene is wonderful to learn from as she keeps it fresh and fun! She has a keen insight into the ‘Best Practices’ of designing and having a dream practice and is a sought-after voice of experience for many of us in this industry.


    Would you like to feature Irene Diamond as an expert source, professional commentary or opinion on your article or media piece, or present at your next conference, seminar, or event?

    It’s Easy:

    1. Contact Irene’s team at (415) 921-1290 (Pacific time zone, USA Monday – Friday)
    2. or Send an email through our to request form to discuss her contribution for your blog, magazine, radio, event or TV show.
    3. Check out Irene’s most popular speaking topics below:


    (B-to-B) Therapist’s Professional Business-Building Topics:

    • “How To Get More Clients, Receive More Referrals, & Earn More Money – While you Continue To Give From Your Heart”
    • “Stop Chasing Clients — Become the “Go-To Pain-Relief Therapist In Your Town”
    • “How To Keep Your Appointment Book Filled”


    Therapist’s Clinical Seminars and workshops:


    (B-to-C) Consumer’s Wellness Topics:

    • “How Better Posture Can Reduce Your Child’s Chance of Being Bullied”
    • “End Your Neck Pain, Once & For All!”
    • “Look Younger, Thinner & Richer In 60 Minutes – A Simple Guide To Better Posture For A Better Life.”

    Irene can also create a custom presentation for you, to tailor-fit the needs of your audience, upon request.

    Go to our Contact page and send us the details of your event:

    1. date
    2. topic
    3. number of anticipated participants
    4. compensation
    5. City, State (or country) of event

    Irene may also be available for pre-event promotional assistance.

    Let Irene help your event, show, publication or seminar be brilliant!