“Spa” Massage vs “Therapeutic Massage”?


    Is there a difference between "Spa" Massage vs "Therapeutic Massage"?

    All healthy touch is therapeutic.

    The distinction between "Spa Massage" and "Therapeutic Massage" has nothing to do with WHERE the service or session is performed.

    The distinction has everything to do with the final INTENT or RESULT the provider and client seek.

    It's all about the intent of the spa massage or clicial massage ...

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    4 Questions to Ponder:

    1. Do you agree with my distinction of Spa Massage vs Therapeutic Massage.
    2. When you provide massage, what do you call it? 
    3. Is what you call it based on intent/outcome, location, or something else? 
    4. When you request a massage (as a client) what do you ask for?

    Share your answers below...?

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