Marketing Shift #1 To Get More Appointments Booked

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     There are so many nuances in designing and having your dream practice. Some are so subtle you may miss it unless someone points it out to you, and others hit ya over the head and are completely obvious.

    Marketing Shift #1 is one of the subtle nuances (but so drastically important).
    (I will be sharing more subtle marketing shifts in future blog posts)


    (Here is A Peak Into a Concept I Shared With My Coaching Group this week that helps you understand this marketing concept shift.)

    The question to ask yourself is “What Am I Talking About”? when I meet a new client.

    For those of you who may not be getting as many clients as you wish, it is often a case of you talking about the wrong things when you are in a conversation with a new, potential client.

    You are probably doing it wrong if…
    If you are talking about stuff that focuses on you selling your time, your modalities, your experience, it is not the right way to do it.
    (Notice these all have one thing in common — they are all about YOU!)

    In the beginning of the conversation do you talk about things like:
    “I charge $75 for an hour.” ?

    or “I provide the most cutting-edge exercises for strength & fitness.”?

    If yes, then you are talking about the ‘wrong’ things, or at least these things at the wrong time.

    People don’t make a buying decision on how long it will take (an hour of time) …. nor for the training method, or fancy equipment you use. They also (believe it or not) don’t make a decision on working with you or not only on the rate you charge.

    The most important thing to remember is that the reason a new client is having a conversation with you is because they want a specific result.

    Think about it — do you make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned, your car’s brakes fixed, or fixing your pet’s broken leg because of the equipment they have, the method they use, or how long the service will take? No, you made the appointment because you wanted a specific outcome from your appointment!

    The same is for your clients:
    If you are NOT talking specifically about what results you provide to/for them… they won’t believe that you can help them, and they will continue to look elsewhere for someone who can!

    How To “Fix” it:

    You need to gather “Goal Results”…
    Start by asking the right questions so you know what your clients are looking to achieve.

    Once you know what they want, you can determine if you’re the best provider for them, and if so, you can WOW them with your sessions by giving them exactly what they came for!

    Here are a few sample questions to get you started on gathering “Goal Results”…

    • “What are you hoping this session will get rid of?”
    • “If you were to schedule a session or a program with me, what exact results would you like it to achieve?”
    • “What is your goal from working with me?”
    • “Is there anything you want to achieve?” (like run a mile, play with their kids, etc)
    • “How do you hope to feel physically and mentally after this session (or program)?”

    Your assignment:

    Clinical Results Tracker & Patterns?
    Gather your ‘goal results’ information from your conversations with your next 3-5 prospects (the new people you speak with) using the question-prompts above. See if you can see any patterns from their words. Do most of your clients want similar benefits or have similar goals? If they are asking for the same results, (pain relief, stress relief, better performance in a sport, etc) assess your own skills and be sure it is what you excel at providing.

    Also, track your client’s Clinical Goal Results, so as you continue to work with them, you and they can see the clinical progress they are making with you, which helps them justify continuing to work with you.
    (I use a “Client’s Goal Tracker” form and you can create your own, or get it as a bonus when you come to my live events.)


    Marketing Scripts:
    Once you have the words they use to answer your questions, you can take these exact statements and incorporate them into your marketing, conversations, and website copy, as a ‘script’ to articulate to your next potential client that you are the expert to give them what they want!

    Your words must convey what it is you are going to do for them, using their words. Speak about what you’ll help them with, what problem you’ll solve for them and they will be eager to book a session with you.
    (Do you see how important it is to talk about THEM, rather than simply talking about yourself, or things like the time it’ll take and the costs?)

    Remember, people WILL pay you for a result they want.

    If you think there is no money to be spent on your services, please remember, people are already spending money on cars, iPhones, mani-pedi’s, movies… not because they want to sit in a movie theater for 2 hours, but because of the journey it will take them on in that little ‘mini escape’.

    You must give them an experience, a result, a solution, a deeper reason to book an appointment with you.



    Does this Marketing Shift #1 help clarify how you can begin to get better at booking new clients?

    Post your answer below to these 2 questions:
    #1-“What is the biggest result you provide for your clients?”
    #2- “How do you keep track of your client’s goals so you can see clinical progress?”

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