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I’m Irene Diamond.

I'm here to support you in achieving YOUR Dream Practice.

(I do that because I'm a "Pain Reliever & Mover Improver for Bodies AND Businesses!")

Over the last 25 years...

My Wellness Center in San Francisco has survived and thrived through: 

• the Dot-Com Bust,
• 2 recessions,
• 4 major regulation changes,
• crazy politicians,
• a 2-year employment audit on our ICs and employees' work status, and now ...
• COVID-19!

During all those times, even though there have been many trials (and some tears)... including personal one’s...

I figured out (what many call genius) ways to:

  • Make our phone ring even when other businesses hear crickets.

  • Fill our appointment calendar... with ONLY THE PRECISE folks we want to work with who are happy to pay our fees. (Including celebrities, dignitaries and sports stars)

  • Turn our 1st time customers into lifetime clients who pay us every month.

  • I have clients paying me, now even during this crisis.

    Because it’s taken a lot of cuts, bruises, sleepless nights and 25+ years to acquire my street smarts...

    I’m sharing some of my hard-earned lessons with fellow therapists and 

    clinic owners so I can save them from as much of the struggle and nonsense as I can :-)

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    You'll love how you can Make More Money, & Have More Fun, without Working So Hard!

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