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Well Hello There, Smartie!

I’m Irene Diamond, here to support you to Design YOUR Dream Practice.

Over the last 25 years...

irene diamond international business consultant for health and fitness clinics

My Wellness Center in San Francisco has survived and thrived through: 

  • the Dot-Com Bust
  • 2 financial recessions
  • 4 major regulation changes
  • crazy politicians
  • a 2-year employment audit on our ICs and employees' work status, and now
  • COVID-19!

    During those times, there have been many trials (and some tears)...

    But, I figured out (what many call genius) ways to:
  • Make your phone ring even when other businesses hear crickets.

  • Fill your appointment calendar... with ONLY THE PRECISE folks you want to work with who are happy to pay your fees.
    (Including celebrities, dignitaries and sports stars)

  • Turn 1st time customers into lifetime clients who pay you every month.

  • Have happy clients paying now even during this crisis.

    Because it’s taken a lot of cuts, bruises, sleepless nights and 30+ years to acquire my street smarts...

    I’m sharing some of my hard-earned lessons with fellow therapists and clinic owners to save them from as much of the struggle and nonsense as I can :-)

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