12 Additional Streams Of Revenue-

Shatter Your Income Glass Ceiling...
Diversify Your Revenue to Master THIS Disaster!

Don Dillon and Irene Diamond

EVEN during COVID!

  • Not able to practice hands-on massage now?
  • Not earning enough as a massage practitioner, even BEFORE Covid-19?  
  • Not enough Dream Clients and want (need) other revenue streams of income?

Choose From 12 Additional Revenue Streams
for Manual Therapists

When most solo therapists start their practice, they dream of generating over $100,000+ a year in gross revenue...

 all without working over 20-25 hours of hands-on 
therapy a week.

Making way over $100k a year in private practice is certainly possible -- and many of my coaching clients in cities around the globe and I in San Francisco, California are earning multiple 6-figures in income each year ...

But, I've observed most therapists begin with a business model that is dependent on the income they generate only coming just from the hours they spend in the therapy room, 1-to-1 with their clients.

Providing massage and other manual-based intervention is time and labor intensive and thus therapists are limited by the number of hours they can physically deliver their massage services.

(Is the Max 7-9 hours a day for you like it is for most providers?)

THIS selling your time for dollars is a broken business model!

Hours of Work = Income potential... (is very limiting)

When a therapist is not seeing clients, their income disappears!

Massage therapists also have a limited ability to earn income if (for whatever reason) they are unable to physically practice... 

think about COVID-19, personal injury, vacation & travel, family needs, business is slow, there's a fire or flood or snow storm preventing them from being able to see clients...

And, what if you want a vacation, more time with family, or want to work from an exotic beach in the South Pacific?

If your massage capabilities dry up --  are you stuck with no income?

It doesn't have to be this way!

There are a number of massage-related roles (or completely UN-related services) you can incorporate into your therapy business to boost your income, now and any time you want.

Just by thinking differently about your business model, and choosing to add one or more additional revenue streams, you can add more money with less physical work, and ride out any disaster or make the choice to bring in multiple streams of revenue even if you are not providing your hands-on services!

My name is Irene Diamond from the USA and my colleague, Don Dillon, Massage Therapist, Author, and Educator based out of Canada, share 12 Additional Revenue sources you can choose from to shatter your earnings' glass ceiling!


On this AudioTraining, you will discover:

  1. The Top Reasons You Absolutely Need To Diversify Your Income Generating Streams (NOW more than ever!)
  2. The elephant in the room - The rent isn't too high, your income potential is too low
  3. Why massage practitioners need to understand work capacity = income potential, and is a recipe for disaster

  4. The top ways massage Business Owners can help their Therapists generate more income

12 massage-related sources of income that require little or no hands-on work.

Each of the 12 revenue sources can easily generate $1,000 - $10,000+ each month once you have things in place.

I suggest you start by adding JUST ONE of the 12 additional revenue sources.

Imagine if you only generated $500 a month with just a handful of clients for your new business, ... you'll make back your investment within the first month! 


As long as you have the interest and ability to do a bit of ground-work to start a new 'arm' of your business, you should be able to see increased income WITHOUT having to go back to school or spend a lot of money to get it off the ground!


As soon as your order is complete, you will receive an email with the link to listen to the digital recorded program.

We systematically go through each of the 12 business ideas and share how they can be implemented into a practice, who they would be good for, and a bit about what you'll need to make it happen.

(Obviously, not everyone will be drawn to all 12 ideas, but most therapy biz-owners find there are at least 7-8 ideas they are excited to start doing!)

Ya Don't Have To Go Back To School!:

Even if you're a new therapist, or been in practice for years, these new Revenue Streams can be started right away, based on the skills you have right now!


image cover of Diversify Revenue Workbook by Irene Diamond

When you order 12 Additional Revenue Streams for Manual Therapists Digital Training today, as a bonus gift, we will include a 22 page digital workbook, to help you look at your skills, hobbies, strengths and interests to turn into 1, 2 or 3 additional revenue streams of income that are a perfect fit for you!
(value= priceless)

Use this workbook to help you identify what would be best to combine into a solid business that you can do either as a side-job, or instead of your manual therapy.  

Start generating Revenue as soon as you get your first client!


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Irene Diamond, & Guest Host: About Donald Q. Dillon, RMT
Don began his practice in 1991and has worked in chiropractic, spa, and medical facilities before operating his own clinic in a fitness club for many years. Don has had over 60 articles appear in industry publications and various massage school and professional association newsletters. Don has presented at professional association conferences and as a regular speaker at the Canadian Massage Conference.

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NOTICE: Obviously, there is no guarantee you'll earn any revenue from the ideas we suggest in this product. Since we don't know you or your ability to apply these ideas, you may let the program sit on your computer and not earn a cent... BUT, We do know is many other business owners are generating high levels of income from their practices, and there are lots of customers looking to spend their money with therapy-related businesses. Wishes for unlimited success to you!