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Design Your Precise Private Practice™️


    Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

    • Too much stress from running your therapy practice or clinic?
    • Clients who drive ya bonkers?
    • Fear of bad online Google, YELP or FaceBook reviews?
    • New clients who only come in for your 'new client special' and never come back?
    • Not enough dream clients?
    • Too many of the 'wrong' clients?
    • Not enough money coming in for all the hours you're working?
    • Burnt-out and exhausted trying to figure it all out?

    Isn't it time you changed from an Open To The Public practice model to a Precise Private Practice business model for more ease, grace, time-freedom and revenue?

    What exactly is a "Precise Private Practice™️" and why do you need this business model for your solo or small boutique therapy and wellness practice?

    The first step to creating peace and grace while operating your private practice is to structure your practice with a business model that serves you AND your clients at the highest level!

    Most other coaches and mentors teach how your practice 'should' be CLIENT-FOCUSED...
    I suggest the opposite!

    When YOU as the business owner is thrilled to be in practice, doing PRECISELY WHAT you love, with WHOME you love, providing the PRECISE RESULTS & CLINICAL OUTCOMES you are known for... EVERYONE is happier!

    Over the years in practice since 1988, I personally have figured out how to be totally happy and congruent in my private practice and in the operation of our San Francisco Pain Relief & Wellness Center.

    And, you can have it too!

    With a Precise Private Practice,
    Now We:

    • ONLY see clients who we know we can precisely help!
    • ONLY see clients who make our hearts sing!
    • ONLY provide precise methods of therapy and care!
    • Get our clients and patients the precise results they want and need!
    • Charge (& get paid) precisely what we deserve!
    • Work ONLY with the best, most brilliant colleagues and referring partners!

    Apply For A Conversation!

    See if you have what it takes to create

    YOUR Dream 
    Precise Private Practice, too!

     to be sure your name is added to the wait-list to get first dibs on applying for a place when I release the next program.

    (You'll also receive emailed biz success-tips so you can start creating an even more brilliant Precise Private Practice™️ right now!)