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They Didn't Teach This:
One of the biggest reasons why therapists, clinic owners and health care providers aren't already generating $100k, $250k, $500k a year in their therapy practice is because the most important contibutor to accelerated success isn't covered in their school curriculum, or taught by other coaches, mentors or educators.

We've found there was actually something missing INSIDE them --
they knew they needed to work on the 'inner-game', but couldn't quite figure out how to make the changes themselves.

We all need to be activated from the inside out!

There's an advantage of activating simplicity:
Simplicity of business systems and leverage to propel your practice ahead faster and more gracefully, so you can work fewer hours and make more money.

 I'm pretty confident... 
that many of you reading this are also looking for
an Activating advantage?

  • Sometimes the advantage is figuring out how to activate your lead generation (to attract new dream clients). 

  • Sometimes the advantage is activating your pricing and programs. (Might your fees be too low?)

  • Sometimes the advantage is activating how you communicate what you do, so your dream clients are eager to apply to be invited into your practice!

  • And, many times, on top of needing support around all these biz 'pieces', the advantage is activating the internal 'stuff' like boosting confidence, or valuing yourself, skills and ability to help clients.

    Or better yet -- changing your feelings that you're not worthy of earning a lucrative income to finding the joy and professional satisfaction of working with happy dream clients who love to pay, stay and refer!

Would you like my support to adjust (and ACTIVATE) that reality for you?

If you want me to show you exactly what you can do in your unique practice, I've opened up a couple of Laser Coaching spots to work with clinic owners, therapists and other healthcare providers who own their practice.

PLUS I'll gift you my Biz Diagnostic Worksheet so you can see exactly what areas in your business need working on, and where you are getting stuck.

Once you've gone through Biz Diagnostic Worksheet, together, we can help you be super clear on your goals and design a plan to get you to reach your income and lifestyle goals! (This is priceless.)

BEFORE purchasing a Laser Coaching session for only $97...

(usual cost is $500, but offerred at a $403 reduction because you're on this page. Most providers will easily receive at least 10 x their $97 back as long as they have a handful of clients who love them and appreciate the clinical experience they receive.)

  • Do you have the desire to change how you're operating your practice, now? (Sometimes it takes guts and is uncomfortable) 
  • Do you have the ability to implement what we discuss so you can receive the results you are activating?

If you said "YES" to the 2 questions above, and are FINALLY READY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN:Apply for a Laser Coaching session so you can get your success activated.

Together, we are even more Brilliant!

~ Irene