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May I be blunt?

You WILL learn tons of super-helpful info and strategy from the training I’m giving you, but the biggest reason why you’re not already generating $100k a year in your therapy practice isn’t actually covered in the stuff you’ll learn.

In all the wellness providers I’ve taught to generate $50k – $100k a year, the reason they weren’t seeing that much revenue before we started working together, was actually due to something that was missing INSIDE them — it was something they knew they needed to work on, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to work on it, themselves.

I’m pretty confident that the same thing is happening for you?

Sometimes it’s your lead generation, (to get new clients). Sometimes it’s your pricing and programs. (Believe it or not, it might be because your fees are too low!)

Sometimes it’s how you communicate what you do, so your dream clients don’t even know they should choose you!

And, many times, on top of needing support around all these biz ‘pieces’, it is your internal ‘stuff’ like lack of confidence, or under-valuing yourself, or worse yet – feeling you’re not worthy of earning a lucrative income working with happy dream clients…

I’d like to fix that for you.

If you want me to show you exactly what you need, I’ve opened up a couple spots to do it – my gift.

PLUS I’ll gift you my Biz Diagnostic Worksheet so you can see exactly what areas in your business need working on, and where you are getting stuck. Once you’ve gone through it, together we can help you be super clear on your goals and design a plan to get you to reach your income and life-style goals! (This is priceless.)

Please note:

  • you need to have guts and be ready to get uncomfortable taking fast action.
  • You need an ability to immediately implement what we discuss because results are what I love!

If you are FINALLY READY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN — fill out the quick Fast-Cash questions below and we’ll be in touch to let you know if we’re a match.

Make sure to fill it out now, as it’s pretty likely the spots will fill fast!


Best Wishes for what’s next for you in your practice!

~ Irene