Offer Classes & Workshops As a Biz Generator For The New Year

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 Here is a Fast Biz Generator Strategy For The 1st 2 Months of the New Year

(or any time)


Offering Classes & Workshops is a great way to generate new business.

Today’s strategy ties in to the top Resolution people make for the New Year (which everyone knows is to get in shape and lose weight, right?)

Remember, the sweet spot to get the folks who want to get fit is from January 1st to about February 28th, so you absolutely want to begin now to get this in place to strike while the iron’s hot.


If you now offer exercise and nutrition programs already – you’re ahead of the game.

If you don’t already have wellness as part of your mix, don’t worry, that’s also ok, because you can tie in with other experts to help you.

I’ve prepared 9 Super-Easy “Done for You” Class Ideas and instructions below, so you can begin to implement this strategy today.

–> If you are not trained to instruct the classes yourself, you can begin today looking for experts in your business’ neighborhood to joint venture with.

Below are 5 Class ideas:

  • These classes can be held either at lunch time, after work, or on a weekend day.
  • Choose a topic that is related to YOUR Dream Practice and YOUR Dream Client!
  • Classes can be held during your slower times so you don’t lose revenue from missing out on taking paying clients.
  • Decide on the number of classes in your series or if it will be just a single class, which is also an option. If you are holding a series, it will usually range from 3-6, hour-long classes.
  • You can offer classes for f r e e, charge a nominal fee just to get them committed and be sure they will show up, or charge a higher fee as a revenue generator for you.
  • If you don’t have space at your office, you can always rent a room at a church, library, or other type of venue, including a restaurant if you want to.


2 Big Benefits of Offering Classes or Workshops:

  1. Classes are a great way to generate renewed interest from current clients, and a great way to get new clients into your business.
  2. Classes are also a good way for you to be more known as the expert in your area for offering top-level services.What Type Of Classes? 5 Choice Suggestions

• #1 Nutrition Class:
Offer a free one-hour nutrition class 1 day a week for a series of 3-6 classes. If you have space in your facility, instead of a nutrition class, ask your nutritionist to teach a “how to cook healthy” program or give the participants recipes to do at home.

• #2 Posture Classes:
Have them take before and after pictures, discuss what proper posture looks like standing and sitting and how to attain it. Discuss the need for strength, flexibility and awareness. Have class taught by someone who knows this if you don’t, and be sure the emphasize is on how your services will aid them in relaxing tight pecs, anterior neck and upper extremities that make it hard for people to stand straight with good head alignment and posture.

• #3 Weight Loss Classes:
Work with them on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight to not only look good, and have more energy, but reduce their risk of diabetes, heart attacks and stroke and the rest. These should be taught by both a skilled weight management expert, trainer or fitness coach and you, based on your skills and training.
(If you choose the goal of this class, you can have this be an 8-12 week program. )

• #4 Child Birth Prep Classes:
Birth preparation classes for pregnant women and their partners are great to teach breathing, posture, relaxation methods, healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and exercises and yoga. These should be taught by both a skilled birthing coach and you, based on your skills and training.

• #5 New Moms & Dads Classes:

Discuss the need to gain back lost strength, get solid sleep (when possible) and maintain good posture and ergonomics while schlepping baby and all baby’s gadgets, clothes & equipment, like car seats, strollers, etc. Again, you will tie it into the services you offer.

(It’s great if you can also arrange child care for these classes!)


 Here are your Super-Easy 9 “Done for You” Instructions To Get Your Classes Off The Ground to Success:
#1. Pick the topic you like best from the list above, or choose another class topic to offer.

#2. Find out who your expert(s) will be to help you teach the class.

#3. Call the contact person and briefly introduce yourself and tell them that you provide massage services and are going to hold a series of classes starting in January. Explain that you are looking to work with an expert who can teach all or part of the class.

#4. Determine where the class(s) will be held, whether it will be at your facility or at another venue.

#5. Determine the date(s) for the class. You can hold the same single class a number of times and dates to get more people registered.

#6. Determine if you will charge for the classes and if so, how much.

#7. Create your promotional pieces such as a letter, poster if you really want to do it big, and post around, send out in email, etc.

#8. Have your partner expert also promote the class to their contacts.

#9. When the clients come in to take the class, be sure to give them a reason to book you for your services.
Your incentive can be something like:

  • a complimentary gift certificate for 30 minutes of massage
  • a stretch session added free to their paid massage
  • a free Ergonomic Assessment or wellness consult
  • a service added such as aroma therapy
  • a 50% discount on service.

THESE DISCOUNTS OR ADDED BENEFITS are only given if they book with you, at the class, before they leave.

Be sure to
Include an expiration date that their incentive gift must be redeemed by, do not leave it open-ended! I suggest their incentive gift expires in 14 days, which means their session must be held within a 2-week time frame.

There you have it- A great, easy-to-follow outline of how to begin implementing classes into your practice.

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Let me know what you think of offering classes and workshops for your business.
If you will begin to arrange a class, share with us below, which class you will offer, who will teach it, and how you will structure it.


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