The 1st Thing You MUST Do To Get Referrals


In about an hour, I will work with a new client who is a Nurse with a broken foot and she also has back pain.

She was referred to me by a paramedic (who I’ve never met)
who told her to contact me.

Why did he refer her to me without even knowing me?
Because I’m known in San Francisco as one of the top experts in non-surgical
back & neck pain relief & rehab!

Now, keep in mind, she is a nurse and likely has access to top Physical Therapists, Pain specialist, orthopedists, etc.

What’s interesting too, is even though she will have to leave her work to get to my office and pay me for I can do for her, she might perceive she could get the exact therapy right at her own clinic, (and maybe even get the therapy for free)! But, she chose to go to the effort to Google me to get my phone number so I could help her.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but the reason I am telling you this, is because I know you may be a therapist who is struggling to get new clients and wondering how to get people
(especially doctors and other health care workers) to refer their patients and clients to you.

The Answer to getting doctor referrals
is Multi-Faceted: (<— see what I did there? diamond, get it 🙂

We can’t cover everything here, but, I’ll start by telling you the
BEST and first way to easily have Health Care Providers refer their patients to you is to begin to be known to them.

How do you get known to them to get referrals?
You must first be known for SOMETHING!
(Example: In my city I am known as the “go-to” practitioner for non-surgical, fast, permanent neck and back pain relief through my Active Myofascial Therapy method.)

Once you are know to them for bringing consistent results to their clients & patients, they will refer them to you.

Here is a quick 2 Part Exercise for you:
“Relieve & Improve”
So I ask you now, what are YOU known for?
1- What symptoms can you relieve the easiest & best? (example: headaches, neck pain, stress…)

2- What improvements can you help them attain? (example: Run faster, sleep better, more productivity at work…)

Once you have your answers to the 2 questions above, you are half-way to getting more referrals.

There are, of course a handful of other steps you need to take to have the doctors and other medical staff in your area know who you are and most importantly, know what you can do for their patients. When they have a client who needs what you can give them, guess what?… they refer to you.

Start working on the 2 questions I listed above, and once you’ve figured the answers, post your “Relieve & Improve” in the comments below so we all can share.

Also when you list your “Relieve & Improve” below, if we know someone looking for a practitioner to refer for therapy in YOUR CITY, this will help us KNOW YOU so we can refer to you!

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About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Sharon says:

    I am known for neck pain, shoulder pain and releasing tension in their body using my natural massage therapy approach, as a lot of my clients are either mums or working professionals offering a mobile service they find convenient as they can book appointments even when other spa’s might be closed.

  • David says:

    I work at a retirement community and I relieve neck pain, shoulder and problems stemming from arthritis. I improve their quality of life.

  • E Plant says:

    Under UK legislation I’m not allowed to say what I can relieve and improve. I know that I’ve worked good stuff on shoulders using massage therapy in a combination of my tools such as MFR, trigger point etc. It’s frustrating at times not to be able to say what we can help with.

    • E Plant,
      Let’s strategize for a moment — if you’re not allowed to state what you can relieve and improve, what would be the alternative for you in getting known for the changes your work makes in your client’s bodies and minds?

      Once you’ve identified that, you should be on your way!
      (Post your thoughts below)

  • Lucy Tomasko says:

    I am known for relieving pain in the piriformis sometimes confused with sciatic pain. I am known for relief in plantar fascitis. I am known for thorough Swedish massage.

    One client, in particular, comes to me for any and all problems that she experiences: shoulders, neck, feet, etc. There was some negative statement from her to her doctor. I was not able to see her on demand because I was out of town. She went to her doctor for pain medicine. When he asked her why she decided to come to him rather than to me, that day, she stated that massage was not helping her anymore. Yikes!

    In the past, I have been told by other experienced massage therapists that I already know what needs to be done because of my caring attitude and knowledge of the body.

    Nonetheless, I continue to help others. But getting new clients is rough.

    • Lucy,
      It sounds like you’re able to get your clients great results, so don’t worry about thew few who you might not be able to help, for what-ever reason.

      Many therapists struggle with getting new clients, and that’s why I post these strategies here, to help you learn how to be more effective in getting clients!

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