Media Exposure? Tap Into the Olympic Hype

    Olympic torches Irene diamond

    If you want more exposure for your biz — tap into the Olympic hype.

    • Media Exposure?  Check!
    • Interaction with current clients? Check!
    • Development of authority? Check!
    • Ability to contribute your 2 cents? Check!

    How Do You Tap Into The Olympic Hype?

    Simple! Write a short article and post it on your blog, send it out in an email to your list, and see if you can submit it as a guest post on other people’s blogs.

    You can also submit your article to local or national media or if you’re really brave, call the reporters in charge of covering the Olympics and let them know you can be a media source for comment.

    What to Talk About?
    (what-ever you know about that ties in to your practice)

    • Kinesio Taping
    • Cupping
    • Athletic strength, grace, control, power, flexibility
    • Need for rest/sleep (Athlete or fans watching TV until wee hours)
    • Travel fatigue (for the athlete or viewers)
    • Steroid use
    • Vitamins / supplements

    In fact, if your opinion goes against the grain or is controversial, it ignites a bigger response and interaction.

    There is a lot of discussion now on the efficacy of using cupping with athletes such as swimmer, Michael Phelps. There is not much proof (if any) that actually shows cupping benefits, but the media is all over the stories of ‘what these strange purple marks are!

    This is YOUR chance to either agree or disagree publicly to just your clients or to the world!

    (The media is always looking for stories, so don’t feel you’re bothering them when you contact them — In fact, they’ll appreciate it!)

    Have fun and let me know by posting below what you will write about and how you will distribute it.

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