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Massage Therapy Foundation Donation Page


    Today I came up with a brilliant idea to raise money for the Massage Therapy Foundation.

    My business’ goal is to educate and inspire massage therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Fitness Providers to design fun, lucrative, professionally satisfying solo or group practices offering evidence-informed therapy based on current research.
    Far too many massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic schools don’t prepare their graduates with information and instruction on running a private practice, and far too many therapists are floundering, living at the poverty level, and burning out.
    The sad truth is although these therapists love what they do, many are forced to take other ‘real’ jobs to support themselves, or close their doors all together because their businesses are failing.
    My mission is to support therapists to grow their practices, each earning $100,000 or more a year gross.
    Creating a financially lucrative practice is not difficult once therapists know how to structure their practice, establish a business model based on evidence-informed therapy, and are consistent in running their professional practice.

    I decided to make the Massage Therapy Foundation one of my company’s beneficiaries by donating a portion of proceeds of many of my programs!


    The Massage Therapy Foundation & You Win!
    This is your opportunity to participate in some juicy, valuable programs, products, and services, to benefit you and your therapy practice AND some of the tuition and sales will be donated to the foundation. #MTF

    Simply let me know you would like to participate when you make a purchase or join a program and it will be done!

    Thanks, Everyone –
    Let’s see how much money we can generate together!

    ~ Irene