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Holiday Sales-Blitz-Bundle + Bonus

Attn: Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Fitness Coaches & Wellness Providers:

If you are a Therapist, Trainer, Coach, or other Service Provider...

Wanna know how to sell more gift certificates, and avoid the crickets in your appointment book these last weeks of the year​?
​(This video above was filmed a few years ago when I first released this Holiday Sales Blitz Program... ​
NOW You Get 5 Programs to Generate More $$ & Get Your Calendar Filled For The End of The Year & Into ​Next Year!)

Hi! My name is Irene Diamond and I am a Success Business Coach and
a practicing clinical Pain Relief Rehabilitation Therapist.

​My proven ​5 top-selling holiday revenue-boosting products​ could add an extra
$300, $500, $1000, or even $5,000​ or more
to your bank account before the Ball Drops in Times Square &

the last bottle of champagne is drunk!

"The period right before the Holidays and into the New Year
is traditionally a very slow time for most service providers...especially those who
work one-on-one with clients.

Start next year off with a bang? 

(Thousands of solo-practitioners WILL miss the Once-A-Year opportunity​. Don't you be one of them.
​Want your biz to have the "Best Holiday Ever"?)

With my help, you can quickly set your ​end-of-year schedule to enjoy your own holiday 
while seeing as many clients as you want  (and earn a boat-load of cash right before the end of the year.)
Generate enough new income to cover at least some of your holiday expenses!


 ​5 of my best products bundled into the 

Holiday Sales-Blitz Bundle 

to boost your holiday revenue.

(Over $2400 value)

​Holiday Sales-Blitz Bundle Includes
All 5 Items Below:

#1 - ($100 value) “Fast Start Check List" & “Appointment Booking” Script

This simple, one page document will explain the 7-Steps you will want to start doing today to get your appointment book filled through the New Year.

Includes a written sample script to use when you are speaking with your clients (so you know exactly what to say and not stumble over your words) to encourage clients to make all their appointments with you all the way through the year and into January!

holioday lights -irene diamond

#2 - ($500 value) “How To Stay Booked-Up Right Through The Holidays”  [Audio download]

45-minute audio interview of Irene Diamond (me) explaining and going over the specific details of my 7-Step Holiday Booking Program and how to implement it into your practice right away.I explain everything, including:
  • what to do when your client can’t confirm their appointments
  • how to ask clients to continue with you through (for some) their busiest time of the year.
  • how to have them bring in their visiting guests or family with them to see you too!
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#3 ($500 value) “How To Get Your Appointment Book Filled” [ Audio download ]

45 minute audio of Irene Diamond (me) being interviewed on all aspects of Getting Your Appointment Book Filled over the Holidays & Anytime of Year. This audio covers:
  • The top, key systems you absolutely must get set up in your practice (Not just for the holidays, but beyond)
  • How and When to take appointments and make your schedule work within YOUR life (not the other way around)
  • How to handle cancellations and no shows
  • The Best way to encourage your clients to book more often — all without feeling pushy or sale-sy!

This audio was recorded for holistic therapists, ​and the information can be applied to any service provider, such as hair stylist, chiropractor, and nail technician!

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#4 - ($1000 value)  “Assumptive-Selling Holiday Gift Certificate Promotion”

Gift Certificate sample- irene diamond

This is one of my most coveted products and should easily bring in about $200-$1000 in new Gift Certificate Sales!
(As long as you have the postal address of at least 20 of your clients)

  • Learn a simple, effective strategy I call, “Assumptive Selling”, to Get your Gift Certificates into your customer’s hands even BEFORE they ask you for them!
  • See a sample of the exact sales letter our successful San Francisco Wellness Center is using to promote our
    PRE-Sales of gift certificates this winter!
    (Use this to model for your own letter to your clients)
  • Access to my Online Graphic Design App to Create Your Own Gift Certificates. ​Use our template or create your own. ​Add your logo, brand name ​contact information so you can print at home or make it fancy with professional printing.
  • Learn the simple, but powerful thing you need to do to get your clients to actually open the letter you send them to sell your holiday gift certificates.
  • Learn ​how to easily set up an online sales page or Square or Paypal, so you don’t have to do any of the selling!
  • Discover the strategy of how to know if you should sell your certificates for a $ Value or a Specific Service
  • Understand the ​strategy of setting the purchase amount to encourage more sales & higher ticket prices more easily!
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#5 - ($300 value) Marketing Video to promote YOUR Holiday Gift Certificate sales! -

Use the video for your own use to promote your Gift Certificate sales on your own websites!
You can tag this video with YOUR city and business name once you upload to Your YouTube channel.
(Your purchased video will not have any title or tags so you can add your own on it and we will tell you how, with no tech needed!) 

Post your video on your Website, Upload to YouTube, Post on FaceBook, Tweet on Twitter, Email the video out to your clients...
Use the video this year and every year!

NOTE: Once purchased, This video you see here can be uploaded toYOUR YouTube channel promoting your business, so Your name will show on the top. And yes, in advance, there is a typo at 43 seconds. People don't really care - ​they still love it anyway… so trust me, don't stress about it. (It'll give them a reason to email you! )
Once purchased, This video you see here can be uploaded to YOUR YouTube channel promoting your business, so Your name will show on the top

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​New Mexico

Irene, your Holiday package already saved me money. I was going to pay a graphic designer to help me with my holiday GCs but your template made it so I could just drop in my business info and print on my work computer. DONE! Then I sent them out, and 3 clients already called to book! DONE! Thanks so much for making it easy for me and other therapists."

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