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    Nitin Chhoda, PT

    ​Interview of Irene by Nitin Chhoda of Nitin360.com

    Nitin is a Physical Therapist and Marketing and Business Consultant and Coach for Physical Therapists.

    Listen in as Nitin asks Irene about:

    •  the best way to market your specialty
    • how to let other health care providers know you exist
    • how to package your services into a program rather than selling single services
    • how to offer a 100% guarantee
    •  why it's important to stand out from the crowd of other HCPs

      (The interview was recorded many years ago (In fact much has changed and Irene's AMT training now is condensed into 3 days, not 5 as she mentions in the interview) BUT... don't let the age of this interview stop you form listening -- it's timeless advice and business-growth strategy!