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    Are you Ready to Bill Insurance for your
    Client’s & Patient’s Therapy?

    (Don’t Pull Out Your Hair, Let me teach you how to do it with ease!)


    Learn how to Select the Clients,
    Handle the Billing & Follow-Up to Get Paid!

    “Insurance Billing ~ 101”
    Virtual Training
    May 24, 2016

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    • Do your clients ask you to bill insurance for the care you provide them?
    • Have you heard the horror stories from other practitioners who have tried to bill and never got paid?
    • Would you like to bill insurance so your patients & clients can receive more sessions?
    • Would you like to know the codes and how to use them?
    • Would you like to learn which insurance types to bill so you get paid (in full)?

    If you answered “yes” to the 5 questions above…
    You need “Insurance Billing ~ 101”


    “Insurance Billing ~ 101” will give you the start-up information you need in your practice so you can easily know:

    1. which types of insurance to bill
    2. how to select the appropriate clients with coverage
    3. what billing codes to use
    4. how to make sure you get paid!

    When you know how to correctly bill your patient’s insurance, other health care providers will feel more comfortable feeding you a steady flow of clients, knowing you’ll be able to handle their patient (clinically) as well as bill their insurance for services.

    “Insurance Billing ~ 101” will provide you with my proven system and templates so you ave everything at your finger tips.

    Once You Learn The “Ins-n-Outs’ of Insurance billing, You’ll Be Able to
    Accept More Clients & Patients With Insurance Coverage & Get Paid!


    You can finally say, “YES!” when clients ask you to bill their insurance!

    Generate More Medical Referrals, More Money, & More Clinical Results


    irene diamond headshot

    Dear Heart-filled Therapist,

    Are you tired of banging your head against the wall wondering how to bill insurance for the care you provide and have heard horror stories about the red tape, delays of up to months for payments, and even not getting paid?

    Are you ready to finally know how to simply (& efficiently) bill insurance for the clients and patients who qualify for your services?

    My name is Irene Diamond, and I help therapists with their practice-success.

    I’ve been in clinical practice as an Active Myofascial Therapist, in San Francisco for over 28 years.

    My wellness center has been billing our clients and patient’s insurance since we opened, for the care we provide them.

    As a biz mentor and an inductee in the World Massage Hall of Fame (in recognition of my contributions to the massage industry) I’ve helped practitioners just like you figure out this insurance ‘puzzle”, and it will be my honor to help you too!

    It IS possible to learn the best way to bill insurance for the therapy you provide your patients and clients, without spending a ton of money in the process.

    Once you know what to do, the pieces fall into place for you to begin to easily now who (& who not) to accept for insurance billing.

    Do NOT try to bill without taking this class 1st!

    Nobody wants their practice to flop after all their hard work, financial investment, education, training and equipment … and I know you want your practice to be a success, not only for your own benefit, but when you are able to get more clients into your practice, you’ll be able to help more people feel better and live a better life.

    In my “Insurance Billing ~ 101”, 3-module course I go into the critical aspects that no-one else teaches practitioners on how to bill insurance for your care.

    (You will also discover how to get referrals in your clinical practice from doctors and other health care providers.)

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    Discover the 3 “S”s of
    “Insurance Billing 101”


    Select Clients & Insurance type- Insurance billing 101 Irene Diamond

    Module #1 — Select
    “Select The Insurance & Select the Client”

    Be selective so you get paid!

    As a provider, you need to know which patients to accept for insurance billing AND which types of insurance fit into your practice model.

    This is where most practitioners get it wrong!

    • Motor Vehicle Insurance (car accidents)?
    • Worker’s Compensation (injured on the job)?
    • Major Medical (slips & falls)?
    • Health Savings Accounts & Flexible Spending Accounts?

    Once you know Who you are serving & WHICH Insurance companies to work with … it will all make sense! (You may be surprised!)

    I will take you through my proven system to help you identify which companies you should bill, (and which companies to avoid at all costs!)

    After this module:

    You will know EXACTLY which clients and patients you will bill for, and the SPECIFIC types of insurance that will work in your practice.


    Secure Billing - Insurance billing 101 Irene Diamond

    Module #2 — Secure
    “Secure The Billing”

    Make sure you know how to get paid!

    (As we all know, the devil is in the detail, right?)

    In this module, we’ll explore:

    • What are the best billing codes to use
    • How to submit the invoice to the insurance company so it doesn’t get rejected
    • What absolutely MUST be included on each bill to be sure you get paid
    • What you should NEVER do when billing Without first speaking to the Health Care Provider
    • What to say to the insurance company before you say ‘yes’ to a client
    • What documents to send the insurance company, & the best way to do it.

    You’ll learn the tips to speaking with the health insurance team players so you are all on the same page, all working for the benefit of the client/patient (& for you to get paid!)

    After this module:
    You will HAVE my 3 proven documents as a template for use in your own practice, AND you will know EXACTLY how to communicate with Insurance Companies & Health Care Providers, (and some times even attorneys.)

    divider_contentSystems to Followup- Insurance billing 101 Irene DiamondModule #3 —  Systems
    “Systems of Follow-Up”

    Many times insurance companies delay or even lose your invoices.

    You will learn my system of how and who to follow up with so you are sure to collect as much of your invoiced bill as possible.


    You will receive a downloadable template of the exact form we use in our San Francisco wellness center to be sure you don’t lose anything and are on top of all the details for each client and patient.

    I’ll also share with you what and how to stay in touch if your client was referred by their doctors.

    (You’ll finally have an easy way to track and follow up on all of your insurance billing, without wasting time!)

    After this module:
    You will know EXACTLY how to stay on top of the money that is owed to you until you receive it in your pocket!


    In “Insurance Billing ~ 101 you will receive simple, clear, guidance, insight, reflection and review for YOUR practice to know EXACTLY how to choose the right clients to accept billing, the best insurance coverage, the billing codes to use, and how to put it all together so you get paid, fast!

    I will teach you tried and true methods and strategies
    that have worked with so many other therapists, just like you.

    Why Study With Me?

    There are a lot of people you could choose to learn from, & there are lots of programs out there… But few have the proven track record I do.

    Not only do I still actively practice in San Francisco as a clinical Active Myofascial Therapist, but I have taught hundreds of other therapists who’ve seen an increased income, more referrals, improved client results, and most importantly, they feel so much better about the impact they are making in their city by touching so many more clients!

    (When you study with me, you get me as a clinician AND a business coach!)

    If you’re a heart–filled entrepreneur, this is your opportunity to learn from me, and finally learn how to incorporate insurance billing into your practice, working with YOUR dream clients to fulfill your passion!

    So now you may be wondering…
    How is this all going to work?

    It’s simple:

    Program Schedule:

    This is a 3-module Training all held on May 24th, over the telephone and through my FaceBook page for questions and conversation.

    Calls Times:

    • Module #1: 10-11 am Pacific Time (USA)
    • Module #2: 11:30 am-12:30 pm Pacific Time (USA)
    • Module #3: 1-2 pm Pacific Time (USA)

    You will receive access to all three modules all held over the telephone, from anywhere you are!
    On these training calls I will teach you the concepts listed above, and you will be able to ask me your questions right there on the group call.

    Download the audio recordings:
    If you miss the call or want to listen to them again, as often as you like, (for ever) you can download the audio files onto your own device.

    Download the document templates:
    You will receive an email with all digital files to support the program, so you can modify or use as is for your own billing.



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    Read What Others Have To Say…





    “Okay Irene, This all sounds like exactly what I need”

     • I want to learn how to set up my therapy practice to be able to bill their insurance (without spending much money).

    • I want to make it easy for health care providers to refer to me since I will know how to bill for my therapy services.

    • I want to know the easiest, fastest way to bill, (with the right billing codes) so I get paid fast and in full!

    “How much is it all going to cost?
    And, Will I be able to earn my investment back many times over?”

    Here’s the BEST part…
    You’ll see the investment you pay for this 3-module program, come right back to you with the very first insurance case you bill!

    Hopefully you will think the price of this program sounds perfect & so worth it for all the insight, answers, short cuts and templates you will get (plus the bonuses that are worth even more than the tuition!) — and I agree!


    The goal of this program is to
    But to MAKE YOU MONEY!

    I want your participation in this program to be one of the BEST investments you make in your business, (especially because you are also getting the free templates to download and use as your own).


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    side-arrow3 BONUSES:


    Bonus #1:
    Template download-Irene DiamondDr. Rx Request Form” Template

    (Value: $priceless – To the 1st 25 people)
    Follow this single-sheet template to use in your own practice. It makes it super simple for you to contact your client’s doctor (or other health care provider) to get a prescription for your massage or therapy.
    (even if they’ve never heard of you before)

    The referring doctor can simply fax or email it back to you so you can bill insurance for seeing their patient.


    Bonus3-documents-InsuranceBilling courseBonus #2:
    3 Insurance Billing Document templates for use in your own practice

    (Value: $priceless )
    These 3 documents are the exact forms we use today to support our billing.

    They are proven to be effective and make it really simple for you to know the step-by-step of what to do and how to keep track.

    (If you are not using these forms, you could be losing out on hundreds of dollars for every client case you bill.)


    Should You Bill Insurance? irene on the phoneBonus #3:
    Implementation Call
    (Value $500)

    To make sure you know how to apply everything you learn from this training into your practice, I will personally speak with you on the phone within 30 days after the training ends.



    I trust, by now you see:
    If you set up your billing the way I will teach you, you’ll most likely experience an overall increase of income, clients, referrals, and personal satisfaction.

    I can’t guarantee you the results you get because I don’t know how you will apply what you learn from me, but the math on your investment in this seminar should be a very simple one — with the ability to bill insurance you should begin to get more referrals, and more income, plus the added benefit of less stress, more clarity, purpose, and consistently scheduled appointments.

    I believe this training will more than pay for itself 100 times over!

    This Is What I know:

    Learning to set up your therapy billing the right way —
    could be one of the most lucrative skills you can add to your practice.
    Invest in your business now, and reap the benefits for ever.

    On the flip side…
    what if you DON’T take this course because you don’t have the time or the money?

    You could decide to muddle through trying to figure how to bill on your own, and end up spending tons of time hunched over your computer AND STILL NOT GET PAID!

    Sadly, I see these therapists wing it and wish for good results all the time ….
    and most often their wishes don’t come true.


    Instead of wishing you knew how,
    now you can learn from me to make it a easy as possible.

    You decide… the choice is yours.

    You can struggle along on your own, talking to other frustrated therapists on FaceBook and elsewhere and hope it will work out….

    OR, You can let me teach you what you need to do to bill insurance successfully while also working with doctors and other health care providers.

    [guarantee_content style=”13″ title=”100% Risk-Free “I know it’s worth it” Guarantee”]

    I stand firmly behind this program and the valuable information, tips, and templates you will get from it.

    I know this course is a worthwhile opportunity that will support you in knowing how to bill insurance for your client’s and patient’s care AND have a better chance of getting paid for it.

    JUST 1 Insurance-billed case will more than cover this low-priced tuition!

    My promise to you:

    Listen to the 1st Module. If you don’t see the value in the program, just ask for a full refund before the start of the second module (time block) and we will refund your full tuition.

    AND, you will still get to keep the valuable downloaded templates and forms.

     (Obviously if you cancel the program, you will not be able to complete the 2nd and 3rd modules.)


     So are you ready to get started or do you have a few more questions?

    Below are answers to the top questions I’ve been asked.

    Q: I’m just starting out and don’t have anything set up yet. Will this help me?
    A:  As long as you feel confident with your ability to get clients the clinical results they need then Yes. But, if you are still learning how to work with client’s specific conditions then you should get more practice first, and sign up for this another time, once you are more competent. Sometimes it is even better to start with this at the beginning, so you can create your practice the right way, so you won’t have to ‘un-do’ anything.

    Q: What if I’ve been in business for years, will this help me?
    A:  Absolutely! If you are a competent practitioner and have always wanted to offer insurance billing, this is your chance to learn how.

    Q: What if I’m not considered a ‘medical service’ in the state I practice  — will this work for me?
    A: Yes — even in my state of California we are not licensed and can bill! We’ll discuss how to set it up for you, wherever you practice.

    Q: Are you going to help me figure out my rates so I know what to charge?
    A:  Yes — sort of. I will give you guidelines and a structure, along with the billing codes and how they are used, but ultimately it is up to you to decide how much to charge.

    Q: What if I want to bill, but don’t do pain relief or rehab? Will this program still be good for me?
    A:  Yes, you will still benefit from being in the course since the concepts apply whether you provide relaxation, clinical-based corrective or remedial therapy, or other medically necessary wellness-related services.

    Q: Do I have to bill insurance for ALL doctor’s patients?
    A:  No, you don’t need to bill every client’s insurance companies. If you want to, of course, it is an added service that you can provide to stand out from the crowd. (The more unique you are the better, and insurance billing helps you offer a unique valuable added service.) 


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    So now you have everything you need to make a decision!

    It would be my honor to share this complex information made simple, with you so you can touch more people and make more money!


    Everything I teach in this course will be based on my most current information. I’m not a lawyer – but will give you guidelines. Please know that each state and country is different and has different laws as well as procedures to bill insurance. There is no guarantee you will see an increase in income or doctor referrals, however when you follow the instructions you learn in this course your opportunities will expand.

    Still have questions?
    Call and speak with me directly at (415) 921-1296. Together we can decide if this program is right for you — I’m in San Francisco, California (Pacific Time zone)

    Make Your Practice Recession-Proof.
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