How To Ethically Charge More For Your Services


    Do you want to know how to ethically charge more for your services?

    Charge more by changing your client’s experience!

    • Do you think you can’t charge more for your services?
    • Do you think people won’t pay more to have you help them achieve their clinical goals through an even higher level of support?


    I hope this little blog post gives you some insight into what you ethically can do to be able to raise your fees, starting now.

    Listen to this story of how one shoe store in America did it.

    Do you ever shop for shoes at Payless Shoes in the USA?

    Payless is a well-known discount (low-price) shoe store where people take their kids (or themselves) to get shoes, at a pretty cheap price.

    • The salespeople don’t seem to care much.
    • There are old empty cardboard shoe boxes sitting around.
    • The lighting in the stores is bright, cold and fluorescent…
      (not very flattering!)
    • The shoes are not well-made, so most people recognize that they won’t last that long, but if it’s affordable at the moment, they buy them.


    People go to Payless because they are looking for a new pair of shoes and they want to spend as little as possible.
    They know the price is low because they are just paying for a cheap pair of shoes, and understand they won’t get much service if any at all.

    • It’s very unlikely that someone will help them measure their shoe size.
    • If it’s not already out on the floor, don’t bother asking for it in a different color.
    • Of course, none of the salespeople will call them when a new shipment arrives with their size in their favorite color!

    The customers come and go, and the salespeople probably don’t even know their name.

    What would happen if they took one of their $12.00 pairs of pink pumps and jacked up their price to $140?

    That would be crazysauce, right?

    No-one would buy them for $128.00 more!…

    … right?

    But… what if they changed some things about the EXPERIENCE the customer would have, and not even touch the quality of the shoe?

    Do you think creating a more enjoyable or unusual or personalized service with attention to extreme detail would allow them to charge more for their shoes?

    So… let’s imagine they took those $12.00 shoes and put them in a fancy store, with more modern lighting, and no empty shoe boxes.

    And, what if they took those same shoes and had salespeople who looked all trendy and cute helping shoppers choose their best pair of shoes… that would help, right?

    And, what if they set up their shoe store so it was invitation-only, and not just open to the public, so they only worked with their precise dream customers!

    Well, the cool thing is, the Payless shoe store actually did a test marketing campaign where they did everything I mentioned above.

    You’ve got to see what happened!

    Watch this short video below showing how Payless turned the store into a LUXURY store,
    and be blown away!

    The shoes didn’t change — just the customer experience did!

    And, that experience, in a beautiful environment had an added value to their customers, that helped them decide it was perfectly ok to pay for a pair of shoes that made them feel good.

    Now, I’ve got a few questions for you to think about, regarding your clinic or private practice?

    • Do you think turning your practice into a luxury brand or at least more up-scale would allow you to charge more for your services?

    • Do you think adding a higher level of service to your already brilliant offerings would create happier clients who would be willing to pay you for the higher level of service?

    • Do you think updating your facility would command a higher fee for your services?

    All too often, we think our clients are ONLY PAYING FOR OUR TIME or SERVICE.

    That’s wrong — the service is only part of what your clients are paying for.

    Their experience is made up of the entirety of everything from how they interact with your business from the very start throughout their walking out the door and your followup!

    YOU CAN (should) be in control of everything regarding your biz!

    7 Steps To Ethically Charging More For Your Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Personal Fitness Training, Yoga & Pilates Services:

    1.  Update your studio, or clinic’s paint, furniture, and wall art to look more expensive and clean.
    2.  Critically look at the clothes you or your team wear to be sure you’re sending the message that you pay attention to detail.
    3.  Set up a system to know and track your client’s unique preference of service day and time, music choice, room temperature, a preferred type of tea or snacks, therapy table height or accommodations, and all the other details to provide an outstanding level of service.
    4. Use social media and develop your own ‘social influencers’ to build buzz about your business.
    5. Provide excellent service while incorporating an entire experience for your clients.
    6.  Step away from being Open-To-The-Public and instead make your practice invitation-only to keep it exclusive.
    7. Ask me how you can create a Precise Private Practice™️ to be sure you are ONLY accepting to work with your Dream Clients.


    How long do you want to continue to stay stuck in a practice that does not bring you the financial joy it could?

    Would you like my help to change to a new Precise Private Practice™️ business model?
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