How Do You Know If Your Clients Think You’re ‘Worth it”?

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    How do you know if your clients think you're 'worth it"?

    The answer to this question may seem challenging, but it is actually really simple to figure out.

    They tell you !

    -- by either booking or re-booking with you...
    or not booking or returning.

    Harsh truth?

    But, please remember that it's not YOU they're turning down, so DO NOT take it personally.

    If they don't think 'you're worth it', it's really that they think your service / session / program / what ever you're delivering is not worth it.... not you.

    Do not to attach clients saying yes or no to you personally...

    My advice is not to attach clients saying yes or no to you personally and it's more them saying no to not wanting to take an hour of their time to get their shoulder checked, or not wanting to be exposed to us in a small room for COVID risk, or not wanting a gadget to keep their cup of coffee hot.


    Here's an example...
    Who doesn't like lukewarm or cold coffee? 

    I was prompted to write this blog post because a friend posted about a $99 bluetooth gadget that people can buy that keeps your poured cup of coffee at the perfect temp... for hours.

    So the buyer can leisurely enjoy their java all day long.

    Waste of $$?

    Totally worth it?


    If a person is fine with their coffee getting cold -- they won't have a need to buy it.

    If cold coffee is a big problem for them, they will want to solve it and maybe that bluetooth gadget is just the answer and totally worth it!

    Any time we purchase anything ... I encourage you to remember:

    The purchase is made because it helps them RELIEVE something
    ACHIEVE something, and the exchange of dollars is worth the solution in the customer's mind.

    That's it!

    They don't NOT buy because they don't like us....
    they just don't see the value in trading money for it.


    To decide if anything is “worth it” to you, just consider how much RELIEVING your “pain”
    ACHIEVING your goal (or both) is worth to you. 


    They make the same choices when hiring us (or not hiring us) by looking at the exchange of dollars (& time, energy, identity and reputation) compared to the transformation they will receive.

    They decide if it is worth it to them — to relieve their pain
    achieve their goals...
    They say YES!

    Obviously, as a seller of “relief” and “achieve”, unless and until our clients see if and how we can support them and provide worthwhile value....

    ... they will not choose to invest in working with us.

    (Tip: it’s not about convincing them)

    How much is NOT having a cold cup of joe worth to them (or you)?

    As a provider, would you like to know how to provide a solution your clients feel is totally worth it?

    I've got an idea... message me here via Facebook and let me know you're looking to be absolutely confident your clients feel your services are worth it!

    We'll see if and how I might help ya!

    Will you inspire us and post your thoughts below and tell us what YOU do to be sure your clients think your services are totally worth it?

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