Holiday Group Promotion


    This Holiday Group Promotion is EASY!

    I call this my “Group Leader or School Teacher Holiday Gift Certificate Idea”Massage Gift Certificate

    It is a smart, powerful marketing promotion when you need a last-minute idea to generate some revenue and exposure to your biz.

    • Do you have kids in school?
    • Are you a member of a group such as an exercise class or knitting club?
    • Do you participate in an organization where you have a group that buys a gift for the leader or teacher or karate sensei for a Holiday gift or as a “Thank you” gift?

    If so, — this promotion idea is perfect for you!

    This Group-Leader Promotion is an easy, novel twist on selling more gift certificates during this holiday season.

    How This Group Leader Promotion Came About:
    This promotion came to me a few years ago by accident.

    It was all because the parents in my kid’s classes started talking about buying the teacher a holiday gift from the class. I realized it was a perfect opportunity to let the parents know about my private practice and give them a way to get extra value on purchasing a massage gift from ME rather than from some un-known spa or big chain.)

    4 Benefits of this No-Cost, 3-step promotion for your biz:

    1. generate exposure for your business
    2. make some sales to bring in revenue
    3. get new clients
    4. provide huge value to the group so they literally get more bang for their buck!

    This Group-Leader Promotion can work well for your husband’s boss, the church clergy, your karate club, … any where the members in that group get together to buy a gift for the group leader.

    3-Steps: How It Works:
    #1. Usually there is a person in the group who starts an email or conversation to the group saying they would like to get the teacher (or group leader) a gift. Massage comes up as an option quite often. (Aren’t we lucky!) If no-one starts the conversation, feel free to start it yourself.

    #2. Send the group an email letting them know you’d be happy to offer them a big savings on your service for the teacher’s gift. (or sell it at your standard rate but include an extra gift of additional time, or added service add-on.)

    (Click here to request the exact letter I used to email to my kid’s class)

    #3. Provide the same special you are offering to the group leader, to the rest of the group or class for their own shopping needs.

    Sample: “In addition to the class gift, I am happy to extend this same offer to you if you would like to purchase massage gift certificates for your friends and family. (90-minute massage therapy sessions for the price of an hour!)”

    This promotion is really that simple!
    You’ve now got a novel idea to generate extra sales over the holidays while providing extra value to the people you know.

    Diamond’s Ninja Tips:

    • Don’t come across as pushy or sale-sy!
    • Come from a place of partnership and giving.
    • Ask their permission PRIOR to giving them your offer.

    If you would like to learn the wording and tone of how to make the offer to the group, you can request to see the EXACT email that I sent to my kid’s class and you’ll receive the full pdf E-book instructions.

    (You can use my letter as a sample to model for your own.)


    Happy Holidays to You and May Your Bank Account & Heart Be Full!

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