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    with your very own "WeGiveBack" program!


    3 Benefits of a WGB Program:

    1- Generate un-limited new clients

    2- Generate increased revenue

    3- Generate goodwill in your community!

    We call this WeGiveBack program a "Give-To-Get-Gold" program becuase it is the best way to give to your community AND receive more back in new clients, revenue and goodwill.

    In this WGB program you'll receive the complete program structure, scripts and marketing materials so you can offer this program in your clinic each and every month!

    Join a very select group of other wellness service providers, clinics, and spas as they learn to offer their own WeGiveBack program.

    Irene Diamond's "WeGiveBack Give-To-Get-Gold Client Acquisition System" is the 'plug-n-play' program for you to literally create clients (& extra revenue) any time you want.

    (In the video, I mention the dates of the program, but now you can access the home study course ANYTIME and the live program once a year.)

    "Give-To-Get-Gold Client Acquisition System"

    (if your city is not available, you'll receive an immidiate refund.)

    No more than 1 practice will be accepted from each area to avoid over-saturation!

    Look what Sarah emailed me after the first module: "100 new clients & over $1250 in revenue from my first program!"

    Sarah now has her entire year mapped out. She projects she'll generate over 100 new clients and anticipates seeing at least $1250 in revenue, just from incorporating what she is learning in the "WeGiveBack Community Outreach Client-Acquisition System" just from her very first program!


    Offering a "WeGiveBack" program is THE absolute best Client-attracting Marketing and Community-outreach Program you can have.

    Watch my short video, where I answer a few questions about how you can run your own client-getting WGB program...

    Design Your Simple, Elegant, "WeGiveBack" Program.-- A Brilliant Method To:

    • Generate good-will for your business
    • Give back to special people in your community
    • Gain new clients ANYTIME you want
    • Generate revenue within the same week!

    How many new clients do you want this month?

    The WGB Client Acquisition System is FREE to integrate into your practice anytime you want... 

    (It doesn't cost you a penny to offer this program)

    My well-loved "Give To Get Gold Client Acquisition System"  is the EXACT client-generation program we use in my San Francisco Wellness Center EVERY month.

    When you purchase the license for your local area, you can get new clients rolling into your practice like clock-work in just a few days from now.

    $3000 per clinic
    (payment plan available)


    Once you put the WeGiveBack pieces in place -- your phone most-often will literally start to ring within minutes.

    Can you imaging making a phone call and then sending an email and within a few minutes you've got many new clients calling you to book a session. 

    Often therapists get so busy, they need to turn them away, saying, "Sorry, we've already given away our WeGiveBack sessions for this month"

    In My "Give-To-Get-Gold, Client Acquisition Program" You Get:

    1. WGB Blueprint:This is a step-by-step outline to follow so you can effectively design your WGB program that fits your business model, your dream practice, and your precise target market.
    2. Word-for-word "Set Up" phone script:happy-phone-call Let me give you the exact words to use with group leaders and key individuals so you know exactly what to say to start the ball rolling.
    3. Word-for-word "Client Confirmation" script: Use this when you are speaking to the new client so they are eager to schedule their first session with you.(You need to say the right thing so they don't become a 'no-show' and waste your time.)
    4. The "Secret Sauce" to Make Your WGB Program Go Viral:This is the simple secret to get people to tell their friends about your program so new qualified clients call right away to reserve their appointment, too.
    5. The Rules:These are the elegant arrangement details (rules to participate) that you put in place so a new WGB client knows if they can't make it, you will charge them for the missed session.
    6. Graphic Design (Free) On-line Resource:You will receive access to a free service you can use to create your own color announcements in just a few minutes to use in email or on your social media.

    PLUS... Receive these 4  Bonuses:

    format_pdf11BONUS #1:"You've Been Chosen" pre-written template email:Use this to model for your own to share your WGB offer, and have them rush to say yes to participate in it, rather than throwing it in the trash, or hitting 'delete'.



    format_pdf11BONUS #2:"The Way it Works" pre-written template email: Use this to send the new clients so you pre-qualify them before you hold an appointment time for them and they pull a 'no-show'. This little (but powerful) email is the way to get rid of the 'tire kickers' or 'fakers' who will never amount to paying clients.



    ImageofSupplementalDoc-smtBONUS #3:Sample announcement/ flyer template:Use as a model to create your own WeGiveBack announcement. This is so you don't have to worry about what to put on The Piece to mail, fax or email to attract these new WeGiveBack clients. You will also get a link to our free resource to use to create your own stunning announcements online.



    Coaching Session Question ButtonBONUS #4: LIFE-TIME ACCESS:

    Access for life (including up-dates) so you can implement the WeGiveBack program into your Business, NOW!



    So, Let Me Ask You...Are You Ready To Grab The Keys to become the Go-To Expert for your Castle?

    I know it is hard to believe, and sounds all hype-y ... but my simple"Give-to-Get-Gold WeGiveBack Client Acquisition System will literally give the keys to the castle to attract new Dream Clients in your door anytime you need or want, plus on average, generate about $50+ per new client.(You get PAID to see new clients, not PAY for ads to generate new clients)

    I'm not going to lie ...

    I won't tell you that once you know what to do, it will start the flood of new clients instantly...

    -- there obviously is some leg-work to do to turn on the 'client faucet'.

    -- but it's not hard and this WeGiveBack program will give you everything you need to know how.-- It will take a little bit of your time to implement.

    (I've taught this to other therapists, practitioners, instructors, coaches, and salon owners who've all followed this system and are seeing it work gang-busters in their businesses.)


    To Offer Your Own WGB Program:

    (a) Master Class Modules + Recordings

    (b) Downloadable templates 

    (c) Private FaceBook group access

    (d) Instructions, guidance and support to get you moving fast!

    (e) Bonus Group Coaching Calls 

    There will be at least 1 bonus group coaching call as your opportunity to ask me about how to integrate a WGB program into your business.

    (Even if you can't be on the calls live, you can your post your questions in the private FaceBook group to design your first WGB campaign. )


    Yes, you must qualify BEFORE you purchase this "Give To Get Gold" Program:

    ONLY Apply for the program if you can say "YES" to all 4 of these requirements below:

    1. Are comfortable making calls to people you don't know yet?
    2. Are you comfortable knowing a few of the new clients might only come for a free (or discounted) service and might never become paid clients, therefore they will happily receive your generosity (good will) and you will feel good knowing you shared your gifts?
    3. Are able to do some basic on-line Googling searches?
      (I will teach you how!)
    4. Do you have open space in your calendar to take on between 10-25 new clients a month?

    If you answered "YES" to all 4 questions above,
    Apply to join this WeGiveBack: Give-To Get-Gold Client Acquisition System:

    Step #1- Pay your tuition first  (Your choice of payment options). If you are in practice in a city where another clinic has already purchased this program, we will issue a full refund immediately!

    1 practice per local area licensed 
    (Anyone can learn the program and participate, but once an area license is taken, they will have the access for life as long as their license is active to offer a WeGiveBack program.)

    Once payment is complete, you'll receive next-step details & if qualified, receive INSTANT ACCESS to the first bonus gift of the program.

     Bonus training gift: Our TRUTH Selling System, where we share the most ethical, heart-felt way to discuss services and fees with clients so it's a perfect fit if they say yes to working with you.

    Relax now...

    Finally you will have the knowledge of how
    to get all the new clients you want anytime you need!


    Looking forward to supporting your brilliance!
    email us for details & to enroll: 
    Team @ IreneDiamond.com
    ~Irene Diamond