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     Are you a talented practitioner but struggle to have a steady flow of clients and patients?

    • Do you want to know the “Secret” to seeing your Dream Clients Book & Re-book with you?
    (It's possible and even easier when you include working with Doctors and other Health Care Providers)

    • Do you KNOW you can help more people see pain relief, improved function and all the other 'juicy brilliance' you KNOW you can do, if ONLY you could have a chance to work with them?

    NOW YOU CAN DISCOVER how to have clients referred to you by docs and other healthcare providers!

    My invitation to you...

    1. Do you consider yourself an exceptionally skilled therapist?

    2. Do you KNOW you can support your clients & patients to experience great results?

    3. Do you get tongue-tied when you’re speaking with your clients to explain to them why they should come back again for a few more sessions so you can really help them to improve their condition?

    4. Are you afraid to ask for referrals or re-bookings because you don’t want them to think you’re being too pushy?

    If you answered “yes” to the 4 questions above,
    I invite you to join my

    “Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals” virtual program.
    (no travel! Program held over the computer and telephone)

    “Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals” will give you the top tools to set up your practice so you can easily network and cross-refer with health care providers, lawyers, and other professionals so they become your best referring partners to feed you a steady flow of clients.

    “Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals” will provide you with my proven strategies, scripts and templates so you know what to say when you speak with the doctors, and even better – how to get them excited to send you their patients.
    No more chasing clients!


    In This Program, You Will Discover How To:

    • Become your client’s adviser who will create effective therapy plans to support your clients to get the results they are looking for.
    • Get your appointment book filled with clients who need your therapy service.
    • Have doctors and other health care providers think of YOU when it’s time to refer their patients!
    • Uncover the best strategies to contact and communicate with the exact doctors and other health care providers who have the clients YOU want to work with, all done with class, and grace!


    Fill your practice with happy clients who
    BEG you to come back to see you again, and again!

     You Asked For It:

    • You asked me for help to learn how to work with Docs, PTs, Chiros, and other Health Care Providers,

      (so they actually know who you are).

    • You asked for the ‘secret’ to having clients book and re-book with you, without you having to ‘beg them’.

    • You asked me to teach you how to become more respected & acknowledged in your town as one of the top experts in your specialty of therapy, (so clients come looking for you instead of you chasing them.)

    • You asked for my advice on how to get your great therapy skills known to more of the health care providers in your city so they send their patients to you.


    Registration is closed now.
    Click HERE to know when the program is re-released
    (includes these juicy bonuses)

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    “You Need help Getting Referrals & New Clients”

    I’ve listened to what you need and now I’m going to give it all to you in my popular 5-Module program, “Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals” so you can become the “Go-To” therapist in Your Town.
    Generate More Medical Referrals, More Money, & More Clinical Results.


    In This Program You Will Discover:
    How to reach doctors, even when they are super-busy.

    What to say in a cold call to clinics for referrals and how to engage in a regular basis to continue contact and keep referrals coming in.

    If and What you need to give to the Doctor to track your client’s progress so they can see results & continue to refer to you.

    How to fill your schedule more easily because clients will want to follow their doctor’s prescription so they will come in for more than one session.

    • The fastest way to get introduced to doctors and the words to say.

    • How to position yourself as an expert in your therapy methods even if you are not trained in “Medical Massage” or “Orthopedic work”.

    • What you must know about insurance billing and if you even need to do it!

    You CAN get more medical referrals without
    spending your hard-earned money
    on advertising, messy promotions or other ‘tricks’!

    The unfortunate truth is most therapists don’t know the most effective ways
    to get hooked into the medical community
    and are wasting a ton of time, and sometimes money, while patients who need their services are going without…


    irene diamond headshot

    Dear Therapreneur,

    You are ready to finally see the financial rewards of having your practice filled with clients who need your services, and appreciate your training, education, and skills!

    My name is Irene Diamond, and I’ve been helping therapists with their practice success as a business mentor and coach for over 26 years. I am an inductee in the World Massage Hall of Fame in recognition of my contributions to the massage industry.

    Contrary to what you might be experiencing right now, there ARE therapists all over the country who are experiencing big successes in their therapy practice.

    I’ve mentored Therapists to double, triple, and even quadruple their income (and more importantly, their job satisfaction).

    My past group coaching programs have sold out, and my private, high-level mentoring VIP and GEM (Give Even More to Get Even More) programs are now the only avenue therapists are able to receive direct coaching from me.

    But a few times a year, I offer a solo program, and now this GYPWDR program is available for a select few practitioners who want to take their practice further without the large financial investment into my other higher-priced programs.

    You should know — It IS possible for you to achieve a great reputation as a stellar rehab therapist. Once you know what to do, the pieces fall into place for you to begin to be known to the medical community & become the ‘go-to’ therapist in your town!

    Nobody wants their practice to flop after all their hard work, financial investment, education, training, and equipment … and I know you want your practice to be a success, not only for your own benefit but when you are able to get more clients into your practice, you’ll be able to help more people feel better and live a better life.

    This private virtual seminar will give you the strategies & resources you need to get yourself established as a professional therapist that other health care providers feel confident referring their patients.

    See what you get in the “Grow Your Practice With Doctor Referrals” 5 module course.
    (I go in-depth on aspects that NOONE else teaches you on how to get referrals in your clinical practice from doctors & other health care providers.

    Discover the 5 “C”s to
    “Grow Your Practice with Doctor Referrals”


    Module #1 —”Conditions”

    Discover YOUR genius!

    As a provider, What is it that YOU actually specialize in?
    What are the conditions you are genius at relieving? Neck Pain Relief? Post Traumatic Stress Management? Migraines? New Moms? Athletic injuries? Chronic fatigue?

    Once you know Who you were meant to serve, & WHAT Results you are serving… it all falls into place!

    I will take you through my proven “Find Your Dream Client” System in this module to help you identify where your strengths are, what you love working ‘on’ best, and how to put that all together so you know WHO your dream client is.

    Knowing your strengths as a therapist makes it easier for you to attract doctors to refer your Dream Clients to you, with very little effort and without spending a lot of money.

    After this module:

    You will know EXACTLY Who your dream clients are that make your heart sing and that will make it easy for people to refer them to you!



    Module #2 — “Communication”
    Make sure you are speaking the same language!

    As we know, everything in life works best when there is good communication, even with spouses, bosses, and kids, right?

    In this module, we’ll take a look at what you need to do and say, & what you should NEVER do or say when communicating with Health Care Providers, insurance companies and lawyers*.

    You’ll discover the secrets to speaking with these health care team players so you are all on the same page, all working for the benefit of the client/patient.
    (Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert on anatomy or medical jargon.)
    After this module:
    You will know EXACTLY how to communicate with doctors & other Health Care Providers, insurance companies, and attorneys so they understand what you do and the benefits to their patients and clients!

    *I’m not a lawyer – but will give you guidelines. (Each state / country is different.)

    Module #3 —
    “Collect, Connect & Contact with the Best Doctors”

    This is where most practitioners get it wrong!

    Determining who your best-referring partners are is a big piece of this puzzle.
    You will be clear on WHO you should contact & even better, you will learn how to actually get the doctors & other Health Care Providers to make the first call to contact YOU!

    I will walk you through my system of how to collect, connect and contact with the best doctors — these are the docs who have the patients you want!

    (You’ll finally have an easy way to build your medical referral network without resorting to the yellow pages, cold calls, or online blind searches for random doctors!)

    After this module:
    You will know EXACTLY WHICH doctors and Health Care Providers you should contact to help you build your network of referring partners, and also, at the same time, begin to establish a reciprocal referring relationship.


    Module #4 —
    “Continuation of Care”

    The secret to Fill Your Appointment Book without Selling & Re-Selling is to have clients on a “Continuation of Care” plan.

    Your clients & patients will ALWAYS get the best results when they see you for a series of sessions.
    (You know this is true)

    We’ll cover simple strategies to help you understand and feel comfortable advising your clients with the frequency and number of visits they should return to you.

    You need to stop promoting single sessions, and instead go to the best route and gracefully put your clients on a therapy plan for continued care, based on THEIR needs and conditions, budget and time!
    (there will be no hard-sell or pressure from you)

    We will look at your special modalities and services and help you define YOUR accepted treatment/therapy protocol.

    You will also learn how to ask the doctor for an Rx (prescription) for the care YOU BELIEVE IS BEST for their patient.

    After this module:
    You will know EXACTLY HOW to tell your clients WHEN they should return to you & WHY they should continue care with you, so they eagerly agree and happily pay you. This is a win-win, because they, ultimately get the best results!

    Module #5 —
    “Confidence & Positioning”

    When you are confident and position yourself as a pro, people view YOU as an EXPERT and you get more Repeat Clients, More Referrals & More Money!
    (Even if you are not yet an ‘expert’, your confidence will speak loud and proud!)

    This last module — brings it all together:
    “Confidence & Positions” ties in everything you are doing in your business.

    • Discover what sets YOU apart from your colleagues, so YOU stand out in the crowd!

    • Learn how to confidently introduce yourself to the referring Health Care Community so they see YOU as the expert for the conditions you specialize in treating in your town.

    After this module:
    You will know EXACTLY HOW to TELL your clients, friends & Health Care Providers WHO you are and WHAT you do, so they see you as the expert in your specific specialty. When a patient or client needs what you offer – the doctor will think of you to refer!


    Why Study With Me?

    There are a lot of coaches and mentors you could choose to learn from & there are lots of programs out there…
    But few have the proven track record I do.

    Not only do I still actively practice in San Francisco as a clinical Active Myofascial Therapist, but I have taught hundreds of other therapists.
    When you study with me, you get my advice and guidance as a therapist/clinician AND as a business coach! (2 heads!:)

    If you’re a big-hearted therapreneur, this is your opportunity to learn from me, and finally create your therapy practice the way you want it to, working with YOUR dream clients to get them clinical results!

    So now you may be wondering…
    How is this all going to work?

    It’s simple:

    You will receive access to all 5 modules As Soon As Your Purchase Is Complete:
    • All training calls were held over the telephone, so you will receive the audio files and can listen from anywhere you are!
    On these calls, I teach you the concepts listed above.

    You will be able to download the audio recordings:
    • Get the recording onto your own device, so you can listen as often as you like, forever.

    • You will also receive all the email documents and digital files that support the program.







    You are protected by my “I know You’ll Love It” Guarantee.

    I stand firmly behind what I am offering you here today. I know this course is a worthwhile opportunity that can completely transform your therapy business.


    My Promise To You:

    Listen to ALL class modules and do the work to implement the concepts. Apply ALL the specific principles, and if you don’t earn back at least TWICE the investment in the program, just ask me to personally help you. We will work together to be sure you earn AT LEAST 2 TIMES YOUR INVESTMENT BACK!
    You have nothing to lose!

    Register Now To Receive These Extra Bonuses:


    Click here to be notified when Registration Opens

    Q: I’m just starting out and don’t have anything set up yet. Will this help me?

    A:  As long as you feel confident with your ability to get clients the results they need then Yes.

    But, if you are still learning how to work with client’s specific conditions then you should get more practice first, and sign up for this another time, once you are more competent. But, if you are positive you can get good results, then YES!

    In fact, sometimes it is even better to start at the beginning so you can create the practice of your dreams, the way you want it, so you won’t have to ‘un-do’ anything.

    Q: What if I’ve been in business for years, will this still help me?

    A:  If you feel your practice is running smooth, fully booked, and earning you a great income, you probably don’t need this course. But, if it’s not where you want it to be… I suggest you join me.

    Q: What if I have an energy-based or relaxation-focused practice — will this work for me?

    A: Every type of practitioner will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from this seminar.

    Q: Are you going to teach me how to get clients?

    A:  Absolutely! This is a systematic approach you will go through so you can identify who & where your dream clients are.

    Q: Are you going to help me figure out my rates so I know if I’m too high or too low?

    A:  Yes — and again, I have the formula to help you do it.

    Q: Do I have to bill insurance for doctor’s patients?

    A:  No, you don’t need to know how to bill insurance companies to work with the patients you see. If you want to, of course, it is an added service that you can provide to stand out from the crowd.
    (You can learn insurance billing from me but in another seminar. 🙂