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  • I’d like to raise my rates. I am an animal massage therapist who charges $70 an hour. I’m learning new modalities and I’m specializing in behavior modification for aggressive dogs.

  • Stela Iacob says:

    My question no 1 would be: How to turn a new client into a regular?

  • Irene, I may not be able to be on the coaching call tomorrow.
    Question #1) I would like to fire a client. This client has been on and off with me for about 4 years. Charming yet condescending and flaky person. She has asked me twice to contact her for a massage and both times I have said yes but so far I have not, because I am resistant to telling her I do not want to work with her anymore. Any suggestions?

    Question #2) If I have verbally quoted to a potentially new client the cost of a 1 hour session several months ago, and I decide to go up on my price, do I need to honor the originally quoted price?

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