Giving Back To Your Community Is Smart Business


    Have you ever wanted to incorporate charity or
    giving back to your community?

    I have a phrase I came up with:
    “You can’t feed starving children, if you, yourself are starving.”

    What I see is too many practitioners who are barely scraping by, and are not making enough money to barely support themselves, forget about trying to have enough to give back to others.

    If you are a struggling practitioner, you might be thinking, “how in the world can I give back”, right?

    Well, actually giving back to your community (when done right) can lead to growing your practice. Once your practice is more sustainable, you become a more profitable business, which allows you to give back even more! It’s a win-win!

    Why Give Back?
    Studies show that customers prefer to give their money to companies who support charitable giving. So, that means if you give, clients will be more drawn to you, and referring partners will be more apt to refer to you….which, of course, helps you grow your practice.

    What is “Community Cause Relationship Marketing”?
    My term, CCRM refers to the situation of when your business joins forces with a group of people or a special organization to offer charitable giving.

    Giving back to your community is a wonderful feeling. When you are able to donate or give a partial scholarship to people who can find value in receiving your services, it benefits not only them, but you as well!

    What the best way is to include charitable giving in a clinical practice?

    Most practitioners prefer to donate services rather than cash. And that is fine.)

    I teach a concept I call a WeGiveBack Free program. You can learn the details by registering for my class at  “Give To Get Gold, Client Acquisition System”. In the program you learn a way for you to donate your therapy services to a special group of people in your community which also helps you bring in new clients.
    You can start right now, designing your own WeGiveBack program.

    Where to Start?:
    The best place for you to start to create your own charitable giving, is to think about the group of people you want to gift your services to.

    Think in terms of who you feel an affinity for, within your community.

    I will advise you though, to think also about which groups of people can afford your services. If after they experience your work for free, will they be able to come back and pay for services?

    Examples of Viable Groups to Donate Services:

    • Teachers
    • Firefighters
    • Police
    • Nurses and health care providers
    • Non profits
    • Pregnant Women
    • Arthritis sufferers (or other conditions)
    • Office Workers/Computer users

    Non Viable Groups
    (although we want to support them, there are other ways that are more appropriate for you and them.)

    • Homeless
    • Students
    • People with financial hardship
    • Substance Users, etc

    You can give back to this second group of people, through donated services, but recognize although they will greatly appreciate your donation, they probably will not become regular clients due to the fact their income and lifestyle usually does not support regular therapy services.

     (My suggestion to you for catering to the second group is to simply plan time in your schedule once or twice a year to give them services without expecting anything in return other than their genuine appreciation for you.)

    Now you know the value of giving back to your community. Charitable giving benefits the recipients as well as your business, all while creating good will for your business and feels great!


    Your Assignment:

    1. Design the structure of your own WeGiveBack program for your practice.
    2. Pick a group of people to gift services
    3. Define your free (or discounted) offer
    4. Announce & Promote your WeGiveBack program to your community
    5. Run the program, so people receive your services
    6. Plan your ‘next step’ to offer your clients, so once they come in to see you, you have something to invite them to participate in, that encourages them to become a regular client.

      Let us hear from you!
      Post below:

      1. the group of people that you will gift your services
      2. when you will run your 1st WeGiveBack program.


    (If you want my help in designing the perfect WeGiveBack program for your business, simply click over to this page where I share details about my new program teaching in depth, how to create and run a WeGiveBack program that generates good will AND new clients! You can register at that page, and space is limited, so go now.)


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