Give Up or Keep Going?


    WOW! Sometimes ya gotta ask yourself, "​Should You Give Up or Keep Going?"

    (I just 're-found' this video -- Thanks FaceBook memories...)

    When I feel like giving up, it's helpful for me to remember how much not only I benefit from continuing on, but also how much my clients (and their families) benefit, too!

    This video is from my very first membership site I created for helping therapists and business owners grow their profit and client results while having lots of play time.

    I ran ​ for about 5 years.

    ​The membership had a brilliant reputation for providing top-notch, advanced-level business tips, strategy and concepts.

    It did exceptionally well, and brought the attention of major publishers, professional journals, as well as therapy schools and organizations asking me to help them either develop curriculum or submit content to their programs and publications.

    It was fabulous!

    It was also a hell of a lot of hard work!

    ​I felt like giving up, multiple times!

    ✅ Tons of late nights creating and writing content to upload for members!

    ✅ Tons of classes and studying to learn how the membership platform I was using worked! (This was in 2008!)

    ✅ Tons of stress over how to attract new members!

    ✅ Tons of tears of frustration on how to price my coaching, classes, and products!

    I am so thankful for my ability to stick-to-it and keep-on-truckin' rather than give up.
    If I had thought

    ✅ "It is too hard!" or

    ✅ "This will never work!" or

    ✅ "Everyone else is already coaching therapists and clinic owners"...

    I am blessed to recall all the businesses and families of the members I was able to impact by my providing the online access to the tips and strategies that I learned through the "School of Hard Knocks" would never have happened!

    What an amazing ripple effect, right?

    I encourage you to think about this the next time you're thinking Should You Give Up or Keep Going? Or other similar thoughts about giving up on your dream biz.

    Think about all the people and their families who will not benefit from YOUR stickin'-to-it!

    ✅ If YOU give up, where will THEY go for the SOLUTION YOU provide?

    ✅ Will they be better off with another service provider or worse?

    ✅ Would they be better off receiving YOUR care over someone else's care?

    ✅ Do YOU provide a BETTER, more EXACT RESULT & SOLUTION to their PAIN & COMPLAINT?

    I think so....

    What do YOU think?

    Will you give up the next time you think, "This is hard!" "Should You Give Up or Keep Going?"

    Please share your thoughts below, of what you do when ​the going gets tough​.

    Be Brilliant 🤙💎


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