Getting Doctor Referrals — What Do You Do?

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    Are you interested in getting doctor referrals?

    When your goal is to generate referrals from doctors and other Health Care Practitioners, you should know that it is important to send them information about yourself and resources for them to begin to get to know you and to make it easy for them to refer their patients to you.


    In our practice, we send out a mailed packet we call our “MMRP”.

    In this MMRP (referring to Medical Manual Referral Packet) we include 3 things that I put together (over the last 25 years!) that I find makes it super easy for getting doctor referrals.

    Diamond Key:
    Make it EASY for doctors and other health care providers to become a great referral source.
    (We do a lot of medical-related massage and Active Myofascial Therapy.)



    Many doctors know their patients could benefit from massage and other manual-based therapies but just don’t know who they can trust their patients to.


    You want to become the trusted source for getting doctor referrals. You want to encourage them to refer their patients to you confidently!

    So, one way to establish trust is to know what you need to give them as a first introduction.

    Create Your Own “MMRP” & include these 3 things:

    #1- Letter of introduction:

    Keep the letter short, to the point, and focused on what you do that will help THEM!

    #2- Create and include a form to check off:
    This is a one-page form you send them that lists the things they want you to do or send them once you begin to see their patients. This form helps you know how to keep them in the loop about what you are doing with their patients.

    #3- A Referral / Prescription Form:
    This prescription form will make it easy for them so they can simply “sign off” on what therapy they want you to do, and the frequency and number of sessions.


    Once you’ve created your 3-part MMRP you will mail it to the doctor to begin to develop the relationship.

    I look forward to hearing from you on what YOU send to your new referring doctors.
    Post below what you send to your referring doctors.

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