Discount Your Price or Gift With Purchase?

Gift with Purchase from OAK

Therapists ask me all the time if they should discount their services to get more clients.

My advice back is, “it’s always better to offer a gift with purchase instead, when you can.”

Which is Better?
Discount Price or Gift With Purchase?

Look at the image … Gift with Purchase from OAKIrene Diamond's Gift with purchase strategy
who would have thought even HUGE  industrial airports compete with each other for clients.

As you can see here is Oakland, California airport (OAK in travel industry lingo) competing with SFO (San Francisco) airport by offering FREE parking when passengers fly to Hawaii or Europe.

Airports know that the cost of parking and convenience is a consideration for passengers when choosing an airport to fly in and out of, and does affect their choice.

In the Wellness industry, our guests also are making buying decisions:

Clients consider who to choose for their service, and marketing studies have shown that providing a gift with a purchase is a great way to entice a client to say yes.


If you look at the cosmetic industry — they are famous for “Get a free travel-size bronzer, lipstick, and make up bag, valued at $23 when you spend $45 or more…”


Here are some examples that my wellness center will offer:

  • FREE 30 minutes of massage added to an hour or longer massage (Valued up to $54)
  • FREE Diamond Hot Pack application (Valued at $20)
  • FREE aromatherapy application (Valued at $5)
  • FREE Wellness Consultation (Valued at $250)
  • Buy one hour of massage, bring a friend for (1/2 price, or only $47)


Hope this gives you some ideas for your own business.
So, my simple question to you now, is what can you offer as your gift with purchase the next time,  instead of dropping your price to get a few more clients?

Post your Gift With Purchase offer below to inspire us all!

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Sandra Johnson says:

    I can do aroma therapy oil as a gift for weekly special, and free head massage as a gift for stress . I will be thinking about how to incorporate into my practice. Thanks Blessings!

  • Mary Ann Z says:

    I ordered stress balls that look like beach balls (because i work at the beach) and i also have stress balls that are in the shape of hearts with smiley faces on them. I offer a free stress ball with every massage in addition to clients choice of aromatherapy, foot scrub, and head massage. Surprisingly, the beach balls did not go over that well, but the hearts took off like wildfire. I can always add free services and have small giveaways, and i don’t cut my price. Works so far….

    • Mary Ann, those sound great as gifts. Question for you — to encourage clients to book with you, do you advertize the gifts so clients know in advance that they get the gift?

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