Host a Fund Raiser Through Your Practice

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“Devastation like this should not happen… But it does, … and it did.
Families, homes, hospitals, schools, and lives are torn apart.”


Read On To Learn How To Host A Fund Raiser Through Your Practice:
Use your massage practice to raise funds for People Suffering from any major disaster or to donate to any charitable organization of your choice.

You Can Host A “Hands and Hearts That Heal” Fund-raiser

A Fund-raiser can be a simple few-hour event…
OR it can be a huge, coordinated, multi-location event.

You choose!



(I originally posted this for a “Heal Haiti” massage fundraiser in January 2010 when so much devastation occurred.  My Wellness Center in San Francisco held a fundraiser that generated $793.00 that we donated to Doctors without Borders)

This fundraising method I share can be used for any cause. 


If you’re feeling moved too do something to raise money, I encourage you to hold a fundraiser so you can take the proceeds to donate to any group of people in need.)

Wellness Practices & Therapists around the globe: 

You can host a fundraiser solo,
or band together with other practitioners and
Make A Difference!



Your “Hands and Hearts That Heal” efforts will raise funds for the people in need, and as an added benefit, it will bring more awareness to your clinic and practice.

Please watch the video above, pick a date or week to host your event and announce to your community, clients, friends and family that they can receive a session as part of your event.

Determine how much of the proceeds you will donate
to support the cause.


It is Easy!
See the
Promotional Press Release below that You can download for your own promotions!

10 Simple Steps To Do:

  1. Pick the amount of sales you will donate to a charity to benefit your cause. (20, 50, 100%)
  2. Pick a local or national charity organization to be the beneficiary of the funds raised (Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Humane Society, etc)
  3. Pick a date, day, week or month that you will be holding the fundraiser and honor your clients by making a donation of part of what they pay you for your massage service.
  4. Let clients know they can add any amount over your rate that they would like to contribute, and that will be donated too.
  5. Promote your fundraiser out to your email lists, Twitter feed, blog, and use #HandsandHeartsThatHeal
  6. Pick up the phone and call people so they known of your event
  7. –> LOOK BELOW and download the done-for-you Press Release we wrote for you that you can modify for your own massage practice.
  8. If you want to really get the word out– get the media involved and have them send a camera crew to your place of business to film a minute or two of you working on a client who will be making a donation.
  9. Make a plan to make it happen!
  10. Post your FaceBook comments below of what you will be doing as YOUR FUNDRAISER so you can inspire others to also organize one too. Use  #HandsandHeartsThatHeal, & Just DO it!


download sample press releaseClick here to download a sample press release you can use to model for your own. (modify as needed with your details, business name, dates, and contact information.


Our hearts go out to the people in need.

PLEASE consider holding a simple Fundraiser for them ….
it could literally be the difference between life and death!

Remember, Success IS Possible!
Irene Diamond

Share Your Success So We All Can Learn:
After your event, come back here to post in the comments again to share with us what you did, how it went and how much money you raised through your fundraiser.

(Even $50-$100 donation from each therapist is worth your efforts and WILL Make a difference to so many lives!)

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Thank you for the wonderful insight! I have struggled with fundraisers with my current IC situation. The business owners would want we IC’s to give away “free” products and services. While we could sometimes “choose” our individual charities, we weren’t allowed to market/advertise, etc. about the fundraiser. We could mention it in passing to our clients, but that was all. The owners were “in charge” of doing the marketing/advertising, but would always procrastinate until the 11th hour…then it was run, run, run to get everything done — and it was usually the other IC and I that were doing the work.

    On our last venture, we did a Silent Basket auction. Last year it was very popular. This year I decided to donate the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. The other IC decided to raise money for a pet no-kill shelter. The owners decided to “pay” us for the items in our baskets (max $30 for products and services). After the event, the two owners delivered the raised charity monies to the different organizations, took pictures with the charity organizers, sent in the press releases and took all the credit. The other IC & I weren’t asked to participate in any of this this. Nor were our baskets mentioned/reasons why we chose this charity. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

    The other IC and I have decided not to participate in future charity events with these owners. And we have taken steps to leave, starting up our own business.

    I am grateful to read how it can be SIMPLE and EASY to hold a fundraiser without giving away the farm. I especially like the idea of holding a shorter-time fundraiser. There are several local and international charities I would like to support. I have always thought that if I only raised $20, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Thank you for showing me that I am mistaken. I will talk to my partner and will post in the future our charity endeavors…

    • I’m so glad this gave you the ability to see how easy it can be.

      Please don’t let your bad experiences of the past stop you from doing what you think would be fun and beneficial to do now.

      And if you do it on your own (without the business owner who you worked for before) then YOU can be in the pictures and in the press release if you want.

      Start as big or small as you want. Get your feet wet. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to donate to a charity.

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