Follow up with clients

    follow up with clients irene diamond

    Follow up with clients…

    Are you a stalker, follow-up-er,
    or a re-booker through a signature program?

    There is a clear distinction between these 3 ways to get clients to re-book with you. Which method are you doing?

    1. Chasing clients (stalking) You NEVER want to do this — it’s creepy!
    2. Following Up with clients – This is great to do, and works great when done well!
    3. Supporting clients who ask You to get them results, by booking more appointments through a signature program. This is the best! (and it’s easy to do)


    See the image of this postcard?follow up with clients irene diamond

    This company has been sending us a postcard every few months reminding us that the last service for this house was back in 2012.

    (We bought this home 3 years ago, so the service was for prior owners)


    Following up with clients does work to get them to re-book with you.

    (This window company probably sent us over 2 dozen post cards over the last 3 years, which is impressive, since most biz people only follow up once, and when they get no response they stop.)

    • We finally agreed to have them clean our window, and they’ll come and clean them next week.
    • They got our business.
    • Their follow up worked.

    But, there is a better way.
    A much better way than doing a ton of follow up with clients to have clients re-book with you is to bundle your services into a special program. When they go through your program, it automatically requires them to re-book.

    Find Out How To Have Clients Want To Re-book With You:

    I’ll be teaching a (Free) teleseminar called my “Client Re-Booking Formula” which is all about setting up your practice in a way that has clients ask you to book them for more appointments. Applying this simple, (but advanced-strategy) formula makes it much easier for both of you to set future appointments that they want to set!

    Instead of you having to chase them or spend a lot of time doing follow up with clients, they are eager to make their next few appointments with you, by going through a special program you designed. Plus they get better results.

    In my “Client Re-Booking Formula” I’ll show you how to structure your wellness practice to include signature services so you actually serve your clients even more because offering a signature program gets your clients better clinical results.

    You can register for the FREE teleseminar by clicking here

    … In the mean time, let us know what you do to have your clients re-book.
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    #1- how often do you follow up with your clients?
    #2- do you know the difference between Stalking and following up? (You might be surprised to find what you are doing is actually creepy to your clients)

    Leave your comment below, ok?
    (and don’t forget to register so you can learn how to set up your practice so clients beg you to re-book them!

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